At Ultra Bee Brands we truly appreciate that our customers continue to share their success stories with us.

Ultimately, it’s your statements that offer real proof of Ultra Bee Brands’s functionality, successfully transforming our claims into authentic results.




Jeanne Human

Best Tissue Oil ever!

Marietjie de Jongh

I am very impressed with this product. My mother-in-law bought in KZN about a week ago. When she showed me the scar that she used the Naked Belief Tissue Oil on. I was amazed. You can see it working. Now I’m going to try it!


I just called A Piece of Art and they have the Naked Belief  Tissue Oil in stock which I will purchase tomorrow! LOVE the product – I purchased it for the first time when we were camping at the ATKV’s resort in January – in Bergville – so I am really happy to have found you…


Your Naked Belief Tissue Oil is probably the most beautiful and fresh-smelling fragrance of any facial product I have ever used.


The Naked Belief Tissue Oil is the best product ever. Forget the expensive skincare anti-ageing products, this product improved my skin texture after daily use for the last 3 weeks. I apply my makeup over this product as well and it is fantastic. I am in my 50’s.


My Mom bought your Naked Belief Tissue Oil on holiday and I’ve just used some of it ….. I feel like I can take over the world, I am so impressed! 


I am so delighted to have discovered Naked Belief Tissue Oil. I have been using beeswax creams for a while, but I think the mixture of beeswax and other oils makes this product really special. Superbly and very deeply moisturising, a little goes a long way. I’m using it on my heels, any patches of dry skin, my hands and my face. I love the way it makes my skin feel. 


I have been using your products and the Naked Belief  Tissue Oil works wonders! I used another tissue oil and it did not work, but your product has taken away my stretchmarks. Thanks so much. 


I have tried almost every product on the market here in SA and the UK for stretchmarks.  I used your Naked Belief Tissue Oil for 3 weeks.  They are almost gone, unbelievable! This is MY MIRACLE PRODUCT! 


I have been using the Naked Belief Tissue Oil for about six months. It is incredible. I used to use a top brand moisturizer and will never go back. Super excited to have ordered new products now. Can’t wait to try them out. 

Melisizwe Mtshali

I would like to extend a word of encouragement to your product. My wife is pregnant and is in her third trimester now, she bought Naked Belief Tissue Oil and it’s been working so beautifully on her.  Keep up the good work!


You guys Rock! This product is insane. My son is allergic to all products man-made, he had an allergic reaction to braai salt the other day, not knowing it was on the food, his face swelled and his skin burst open, this has happened before but took us 3 months to fix his skin

A friend gave us some of your Naked Belief  Tissue Oil and the results have been awesome.  He loves the smell; he says he is now the bee man!  This is the only potion that works. Thank you so much, The BEE MAN. 


I have just been through a transplant and have been battling to get my cuts, bruises and scars healed

I was introduced to the Naked Belief Tissue Oil and it has made a big difference, all is healed and the scars and marks are almost gone thanks to Naked Belief. I would recommend this product to anyone who is battling to get rid of those stubborn marks and scars. 


The Naked Belief Tissue Oil is the best. I began using it on the 28th of January and now it’s the 23 September I used to have very bad acne and stretch marks… I am indeed a happy customer… THANK YOU.

Priya Naicker

I have been using the Naked Belief Tissue Oil for a month now and the results are amazing! 

I’ve had a scar for years and it’s almost faded with the use of this fabulous product! My friend is also using it on stretch marks and they are almost goneThere’s nothing better in the market, this product is unique!



After using the Naked Belief Complexion Balm for the past 2 months, I am thrilled with the improvement and fading of the brown spots on my face and chest!

Sheradene Naiker

I cleared up what I thought was hormonal acne which I battled with for the past 21 years (!!!) with the Naked Belief Complexion Balm. I am still in shock!! I don’t even understand what happened. it’s just gone.


My mother and I have been using the Naked Belief Complexion Balm which she purchased a couple of months ago.  The results produced by this product are amazing; my mother’s skin condition has drastically improved.  


I have spent a lot of money on a countless number of products over the years and nothing seemed to come any close to helping until I started using your Naked Belief Complexion Balm. 

Anisa Ismail Desai

I was recently introduced to the Naked Belief Complexion Balm. Really impressed by the product. My skin feels hydrated and fresh… I have tried other products which cost an arm and a leg with not many results. This seems like a good product, good price and most of all-natural…move towards a healthier natural lifestyle. Can’t wait to try other products in the range:-) 

Amanda Molete

I first saw your products in some honey store on my way from the Drakensburg sun and bought Naked Belief Complexion Balm.  I stopped using my Estee Lauder facial products and it has been three weeks and already people are starting to praise the improvement giving me all compliments stating that I glow etc.

Then I realized the business potential for your products in my area. Could you please provide me with the information on how I can be able to buy products from you for selling?

Zama Mbatha

Hi, my mother and I have been using the Naked Belief Complexion Balm which she purchased a couple of months ago.  The results produced by this product are amazing; my mother’s skin condition has drastically improved.


My mother bought your Naked Belief Complexion Balm for her face as she had marks on her face from using another over the counter, steroid-based lightening cream. Her face is now perfect. All the marks have gone. Your product works very well! I just want to thank you so much.

Marcia van der Avoort

I am a woman in my late 50’s and have been using your skincare products for about 10 months. I am very happy with the results, especially after using the Naked Belief Complexion Balm. Thank you for a lovely chemical-free product!

Amina Kadwa

Hi, just want to let you know that I have been using the Naked Belief Complexion Balm. I was sceptical in the beginning but it has worked beautifully.

I have not used any cortisone creams in the last two months. Wished I had taken pics to show the before and after difference. Hoping to find a stockist in my area soon before my last tub finishes. From chemical to natural – it’s being nothing short of a miracle.

Navin Ojageer

I purchased your Naked Belief Complexion Balm from the Midlands and am finding it good to use. Please tell me where I would be able to purchase your products in Durban. Many Thanks.


Hi, I just heard from my friend that she had purchased a product of yours down at the South Coast and is very impressed with the results of using the Naked Belief Complexion Balm. Please can you advise me what products I can use and are available for acne scars on the face and neck, for Indian skin?

Ivy Modisane

I thought it was more appropriate to start by thanking you and your wife for making such a remarkable product for people like me.

I have very sensitive skin, and for years I have been fighting a very bad pigmentation on my face. I have spent a lot of money on a countless number of products over the years and nothing seemed to come any close to helping until I started using Naked Belief Complexion Balm.

My face started clearing up, all the pigmentation on my face started to fade away, my skin became nicely toned, and my face now looks beautiful. There’s a big improvement on my skin and I love it. And all this happened in a space of 3 months from only one cream. Now, I only use Ultra Bee Skin products.


Great news!!! We are establishing that our customer base is gaga over the Naked Belief Complexion Balm. We have been open for only three days and already we have run out. Please could I order more?

Eloise Lourens

11 May 2020, that is where my journey with Naked Belief Complexion Balm started. I am in awe!!  In just 11 days there is a visible change to the marks on my face. I would recommend these products to anyone.  If you have tried other product without success, you need to try Naked Belief.



Hi There
About 9 and a half months back while having coffee with a friend, I commented on her lovely skin. I was feeling down as was using a very expensive skincare range and not having any results. She introduced me to your product. I was sceptical at first but bought a jar of Naked Belief Face Balm

It did sit in my drawer for a month while I contemplated using it. I kind of thought that perhaps something so reasonably priced could not possibly yield good results.

Just a week and a half ago I thought I would give it a try. Well, I am stunned within a week my fine lines around eyes, and mouth and on my face have diminished by about 50 per cent.

I only wish I had taken before and after photos. I am so impressed and will continue to use your product and can relax knowing it only contains natural ingredients. Thanks for an amazing ‘ Wow’ product.

Cheryl Sherwell

Would it be possible to tell me where I could purchase your products in the Pennington South Coast Area? I am favourably impressed with your Naked Belief Face Balm and would very much like a larger version of the Face Balm for body moisturising.


The Naked Belief Face Balm is a seriously great product and the bonus is, it’s healthy for my skin and body.  Will be recommending your product and trying a lot more of them!

Romana A

Last year, whilst being in the Western Cape, I found your products in Oudtshoorn, and bought the Naked Belief Face Balm. The above-mentioned product is an amazing product. Mine is unfortunately now almost finished, and I would like to enquire as to where one can buy this amazing product.

Custard Mite

Love, love, love the Naked Belief Face Balm – I use it at night after a c serum and organic jojoba oil and my skin loves it.

Nothing nasty in it (and believe me, I’m MUCH pickier about that than most) and a little goes such a long way as it’s so rich and moisturising. I’m on my 2nd jar and I’ll be keeping it in my arsenal from now on.

Valerie Ferrier Smith

The Naked Belief Face Balm is absolutely wonderful. My skin has never felt so good, friends have commented and asked what I’m using. I’ve always had problems and have tried just about everything, If only I had heard about you sooner. Well done on a sincerely great product.

Jeanie Chuo

About the Naked Belief Face Balm: This is my first time using a balm. It’s thicker than what I am used to, and I do find that I have to melt it in the palm then “press/print it onto the face”, especially in winter.

However, once I got used to this extra step (I only use 3-4 rice’s size for the whole face) the balm is amazing. My skin is clearer, softer, whiteheads have disappeared, and absolutely no allergy what’s so ever. Recommended!!

Liza Hall

Stumbled across your product in a Pharmacy in Durban North, and figured I’d give the Naked Belief Face Balm a go. (keen to try anything that works) My favourite part, it works like a charm!  

Seriously great product and the Bonus is it’s healthy for my skin and body, as the ingredients exclude any toxic nonsense that requires deciphering. Thanks guys.  Great work!  Will be recommending your product and trying a lot more of them! 

Janet Potterton

A friend gave me Naked Belief Face Balm just before Christmas and I am so impressed with this little jar of natural ingredients.  My skin is definitely smoother and softer and my pigmentation seems to be lightening too. A little of the balm goes a long way so the product really is good value. Makes an awesome gift and I look forward to trying their other products. 


I would like to try Naked Belief Face Balm. I know someone who uses it and her skin is amazing!


Daniela Thuesen

The Naked Belief Face Cream is a very good cream. Helps my skin to find a youthful look.

Ceri Smith

The Naked Belief Face Cream feels decadent. You only need such a small amount. You would think it would be clogging but it’s not at all. Would be nice if it was in a glass jar for environmental reasons. Makes my skin feel so soft.


The Naked Belief Face Cream is lovely… makes my skin feel lovely and smell lovely too. I find it can even be put on under foundation etc and doesn’t affect the application. It’s a fabulous little treat to pamper and rejuvenate 🙂


Rasvanth C

I must commend you on your excellent products. I use the Naked Belief Body Cream and have enjoyed them tremendously.

Thahira Hoosen

I have suffered from dry skin for the past 14 years, with diabetes it got worst, no doctor or cream could help me out. Last week I was introduced to the Naked Belief Body Cream and that was the best thing ever.  Dry skin has now become a no, no – all gone!  Why was I not introduced to this a long time ago? 



I’ve used many of these products and I love them! Recently my tween daughter started using Naked Belief Face Wash and I am happy to report that it cleared up her spots on her forehead very quickly. 

I was amazed as she normally uses an expensive medicated face wash which seemed to be ineffective on this last spotty outbreak! Well done!! I’ll be buying more of this. 


I was staying over at a friend and had forgotten my Naked Belief Face Wash at home so I borrowed my friend’s commercially bought face wash.

Soon after I had used it on my skin, my skin started getting very red, puffy and hot, so I looked at the ingredients and I couldn’t even read the first few ingredient names! My skin was having a reaction to the chemicals in the wash.

I remember at the beginning of the year when I wasn’t really using any of your products, I used to use the same brand of face wash on my face, which my friend now uses. I also remember it being completely fine on my skin.

It’s amazing how my skin has now got used to the benefits of not using chemically based products! It was so chemically-laden before – it didn’t know the difference between what was good for me, and what was not. Wow – it now really knows what it prefers!

Bottom line ….your products are awesome!!!



Just some feedback, the Naked Belief Hand Wash is amazing. It doesn’t strip the hands and dry them out. 



I just love the Naked Belief Hand Cream – best ever!


Sarita Van Eden

I fully recommend the use of the Naked Belief Face Wash, Body Cream and Tissue Oil. My daughter use to suffer from eczema, but it’s all gone now and her face is spotless. No acne just smooth, beautiful skin. I can recommend this to everyone!


I’ve been using your products for a very long time. I refuse to use anything else on my face and body, all of your products are incredibly good.

The Naked Belief Face Cream, the Complexion Balm for my hands, Face Wash, etc.

I know now where to get my stock from close to my home and am now over the moon because I really get anxious when I run out of stock. Keep the good work up, I can recommend the brand for all purposes, excellent excellent. Thank you so much 🙏🙏

Dianne Visser

I love your products and order the Naked Belief Face Balm and Tissue Oil regularly. That is all I use on my face and it works so well. I bought it for my daughter-in-law when she was pregnant and also for our little grandbaby. So, I will be ordering from you soon.


I have recently been introduced to your Naked Belief brand and bought several from our shop. 

have to start by saying I won’t be looking for any other Face Wash or Body Wash any time soon.  These are some of the nicest products I have ever used.

I am completely in love with the Body Lotion and Tissue Oil. 

Balakazi Gqoboka

I bought your products, namely Naked Belief Complexion Balm and Tissue Oil, while camping at the Golden Gate National Park in the Free State.

I suffer from Acne. I look forward to seeing the magic I have read from other people’s testimonies and I have hope that it will treat me that good as well. I took a leap of faith and bought the products and I am confident that I will be happy with the results. I will definitely come back to share my testimony with others. I live in JHB and I hope to find your products here too.


I have used the  Naked Belief Complexion Balm and Tissue Oil on my daughters scarred face. After a week of using these two products, I notice a difference in her skin.

I believe if I continue using these products, her skin will be back to normal. I also am very happy, cause she a teenager and these products are not harmful to her skin in any way, she has very sensitive skin. Thanks – A – Mil.

Jennifer Paillard

I have been using some of your products for a few months now. I bought them in the Natal Midlands near Nottingham Rd. (I think!) Where can I get them in Johannesburg? I love them! I have been using the Naked Belief Face Balm and Tissue Oil. Fabulous!

Glenda Pickard

I’ve been using the Naked Belief Face Balm for 2 weeks and what a difference – my skin is looking young and radiant. 

I’m using the Tissue Oil on myself and my client as well. We are loving it. I burnt myself with boiling hot water on my arm, put on the tissue oil immediately it helped with the pain and was soothing. The burn is looking good this morning no blisters at all. I will continue using these products they are worth your money. Thank you ultra bee you are truly a great product.



Lux Laqua

I used the Propolis Care Honey Balm and it worked 100%, I can recommend this product to anybody.


We have only been using the Propolis Care Honey Balm on my son, he’s 20 months old and gets skin rashes from normal sunblock and soaps, the Propolis Care things we’re using has cleared everything up for the last 5 months for him.

Veronika Reissner

I am almost 70 years of age and had cracked and sometimes bleeding heels for the last 30 years. I have tried anything and everything but nothing helped until I discovered Propolis Care Honey Balm. I have used it for 2 months and my heels are as soft as a baby bottom. Thanks for a great product.

Glenda Pickard

I used the Propolis Care Honey Balm on my cold sore, well what good results. It was almost gone in 4 days and no mark to even see it. 


Thank you so much for the Propolis Care Honey Balm!! Such a nice surprise!! Your products have made such a difference!! 


The Propolis Care Honey Balm is fantastic; I’ve been shopping around for five years for a healing/soothing balm that works. 

Leandra Erasmus

I ALWAYS get a rather severe allergic reaction on my hands when I have my nails done with Gel (women know what this is).Over the last 8 months, I have tried sooooooo many different Cortizone creams etc and have been on more allergy tablets than ever​ before trying to stop this from happening.The reaction usually starts within 5 hours of having it done. So if I do my nails at 5pm I actually wake up from the pain.My hands swell up, go red and even blister.  Absolutely nothing has helped me with this. The closest thing that I can compare the pain to is when you have a really bad abscess and it throbs (I’m sure you know what I mean)​.

I had my nails done 2 days ago and decided to use nothing but the Propolis Care Honey Balm (including allergy tablets).  I have not had any pain at all! It’s not nearly as red now and even though I am still sensitive,  I have got no blisters! Usually, by now I would be in loads of pain and discomfort but nothing!Just wanted to let you know.

Sanet Van Heerden

I used the Propolis Care Honey Balm product. I couldn’t believe it, within 2 days the sore had healed. I have to say an excellent product. I was pretty much amazed.


I have tried hundreds of other products for my daughter’s rash.  I found Propolis Care Honey Balm in a shop in Bela-Bela and out of desperation I bought it.  She has been using it since April and she has not once had a rash since then.  FANTASTIC product! 

Marelize Nel

I’m using the Propolis Care Honey Balm for only 3 days now on my feet, for I have dry skin that comes loose off my feet and nothing helps.  It is not cracked heels, it is dry skin.  I can’t believe the difference.


I have to recommend this product. I have used the Propolis Care Honey Balm on a small cut. Healed really quickly. Yesterday I burnt my finger while putting some wood on our open fire. I then used the balm. It throbbed a little bit. Today it is not sore at all and no blister.

Amanda vd Merwe

About two years ago, I bought a little container of Propolis Care Honey Balm at a roadside shop in the North West province.

Two weeks ago I went for an eye procedure and had an allergic reaction to the eye drops, the skin around my eyes were inflamed and very sensitive. Every ointment I tried burnt the skin around my eyes even more.

I then discovered the little container tucked away in a draw. The Balm was an instant relief when I applied it around my eyes.

Just wanted to thank you for this wonderful product.

Mrs B

I love this Propolis Care Honey Balm. Have used it for some time now on any inflamed skin areas. I really like the fact that it is all-natural ingredients and I find it very useful at this time of year when the heat makes us sweaty and can cause slight fungal infections in skin folds etc. It’s very gentle and soothing at such a time.

Amazon Customer

The Propolis Care Honey Balm is a gorgeous, nourishing balm for my ultra-dry skin. I have very sensitive, reactive 40+ skin and this balm worked a treat. I have spent hundreds searching for creams that I don’t react to and this one is a winner. I use it on my face and hands and find it absorbs well. I love it and will definitely order more.

James R

The Propolis Care Honey Balm works well – worth the money.


The Propolis Care Honey Balm is an absolutely fantastic product. I have recommended this for friends and have since bought some balm for my dog (always in trouble)!


The Propolis Care Honey Balm is a really great balm for sore dry patches of eczema on my 3-year-old son.

M. Day

I think this is marvellous. I used the Propolis Care Honey Balm on a fungal infection and it cleared up overnight. I also apply it to cuts and grazes because it is antibacterial and antiseptic.

Pat De Beer

Good Day, I have cellulitis in my leg. I have been using all sorts of creams when I dress the wound. Please find attached a photo of the wound after just three days of using the Propolis Care Honey Balm. I really want to thank you for a brilliant product.
Thank you and kind regards


The Propolis Care Honey Balm is a fantastic product. I’ve tried umpteen products to get rid of badly cracked and split heels which get painful, and this balm did the job pretty fast.

Dries V

I have most successfully used the Propolis Care Honey Balm on my diabetic toe which did wonders after battling 5 months to heal, this product fixed in 4 weeks!

Tokkie Y

My husband bought the Propolis Care Honey Balm for my aunt and that is the only product she believes in to relieve a sore on her toe.

Andreas Laqua

Recently I came back from travelling abroad and somehow I got a scratch /cut on my arm. After almost 2 weeks the sore would not heal which was strange as I usually heal really quickly naturally.

I was staying with friends and asked if they had any anti-bacterial cream. My friend gave me some of the Propolis Care Honey Balm product to use. I was rather sceptical (natural product). Well, I couldn’t believe it within 2 days the sore had healed. I have to say an excellent product. I was pretty much amazed.


I would like to enquire about your Propolis Care Honey Balm. I work at a clinic in Durban treating newborns to 1-year-old babies. I have been using your healing balm on many of the skin conditions I encounter and I have seen such wonderful results. I have purchased small containers of the balm but I wonder if it would be possible to purchase a large container and I would dispense this into smaller ones for each baby I treat.


Elsabe Vermaak

I bought the Propolis Care Propolis Balm from Bee Ware in Centurion and used it on my mom (95) who had a persistent sore behind her ear.  Within two weeks the scabs had fallen off and only a small lesion remained that still has to heal completely.  But this after months of treatment by her GP that brought no relief.  Thank you. 

Mark Abel

I work in the building trade and yesterday I cut one of my fingers with some steel, just a fine paper type cut and the other finger I pulled out a large splinter. All night my fingers throbbed and the pain was so bad it kept waking me up. Although these were just minor cuts and splinters it’s incredible how it throbs and pains.

Eventually, I could not take it anymore so I got up and used the Propolis Care Propolis Balm. I rubbed this into the affected fingers. It’s hard to believe it but within about 20 minutes the painful throbbing stopped and I was able to go back to sleep.

When I got up this morning it was all healed up. The only feeling was a bruised feeling when I pressed on the fingers. I am amazed. Fantastic product.

Susan Knight

The Propolis Care Propolis Balm is very good for dry skin problem patches on the face.


The Propolis Care Propolis Balm is great stuff, helping me. Thanks


Propolis Care Propolis Balm leaves your skin nice and soft, clean feeling. Draws some redness away too.

Vanessa Smithson

Very good. Having used Propolis Care Propolis Balm for a few weeks have seen definite improvement, more so than using hydrocortisone cream.


Louise Petzer

Hello, I burned my lower legs with boiling water when I was young-15 years old. I experience difficulty with my skin now that I am older age 67. I visited my family in Gauteng and bought the Propolis Care Propolis Cream at a chemist. The itching that caused me to scratch settled.


James R

I have used the Propolis Care Heel Balm and it works well, recommend it!



My Mom’s got Parkinson’s and also has very stiff joints, I started my Mom on Propolis Care Propolis Tincture and must say it helped a lot for the stiff joints. Her walking is better and when she sits and get up to walk it’s not painful anymore. I will strongly recommend this product. 



The Propolis Care Mosquito Repellent Cream is the only thing that works on my toddler for my mosquitos. I think it’s absolutely amazing and it lasts ages!



Liezel Jansen van Rensburg

I had extremely bad Psoriasis on my scalp earlier this year and the use of ExeSkin Shampoo, together with a gluten-free diet, has completely healed my hair follicles. Prescribed shampoo, zinc or tar shampoo did not work at all.


Mona Vollberg

I live in Switzerland and I am suffering from eczema. I usually fly to SA a lot but not right now because of COVID. The ExeSkin Balm is my lifesaver and I am out of it! Could you please send me one or two to Zurich?! I will pay for extra shipping of course…please!! It’s the only thing that helps me!

Sanet Van Heerden

I struggled with Eczema for a long time, since I discovered ExeSkin Balm I never looked back – thank you so much will definitely try all your products.

Sudheera Nikita Ackah

I am so happy to finally find this site so that I can thank someone for this amazing product.

My best friend had the worse psoriasis on her scalp and has been to various hospitals for treatment. Finally after running out of money she went to the Govt. Hospital who tried their best to treat her. It has had a worse impact on her life for two years. No outings, no sleep, and constant irritation. And she did not want to cut her long Indian hair so treatment was harder to apply.

Then, I bought the ExeSkin Balm.

We applied it the first time and already the flaking had stopped and her hair was not falling out. We then applied it every third day. Just from one container, she is cured. The places where she lost hair is already showing growth.

I have recommended this product to hundreds of people now. Proven results for eczema and pigmentation.

Thank you, Ultra Bee, for bringing life back into our life as my friend can go out of the house and socialise again and get her life back.

Rina Nagel

Good morning, I’m URGENTLY looking for the ExeSkin Balm– it has done wonders for my 5yr old son. I can’t find it in my area – PLEASE PLEASE help! My daughter and I both use your products – will not use anything else – excellent brand!!


It works! I tried quite a few other natural products for my eczema before coming to ExeSkin. ExeSkin Balm is so far the product that works the best. Highly recommended!

Jane Storde

I have suffered from eczema all my life and through prolonged use of cortisone creams, my skin has become very thin.

About a year ago I found the ExeSkin Balm in my local Spar and I can’t recommend it more highly.

If I scratch and break the skin, two or three applications a day heals it really quickly. If I develop an infection, a thicker layer of the balm acts as a drawing ointment. If my skin is weeping the balm dries and heals the area within hours. I can’t do without it anymore!

Mrs. J. Watts

The ExeSkin Balm seemed to clear my eczema up in a day! Smells nice too. I used it on my feet as well, as I have a type of eczema on them and athletes foot, it worked! I am very impressed with this product and it will last for ages as it is in balm form. Will be added to my essentials in the bathroom cabinet.


I have been struggling with eczema on my feet for years now. It is clearly caused by the shoes I am wearing because the marks on my feet are exactly where my shoes come in contact with my feet.
The doctor has previously prescribed cortisone for me, which worked excellently until I stopped using it. The extended use of cortisone is not healthy as it thins the skin so I stopped using it.
This holiday I visited Leisure Bay (TO-strand) and came across ExeSkin Balm. It brought immediate relief for the itchiness. Now I no longer wake up in the middle of the night due to the itchiness of my feet.


I am impressed with how fast delivery occurred. I ordered the ExeSkin Balm and it has worked better than anything that has been prescribed by a GP. I will definitely be a repeat customer.


My family came across your ExeSkin Balm while on holiday in KZN. My daughter suffers from terrible eczema and I just want to say that it is AMAZING!

We ordered more when we got home and it really has helped so much! She would wake up during the night scratching and crying, but for the first time she is sleeping through and she is 6 years old! This mother is a very happy one indeed.

My brother’s girlfriend started using it too and gave it a big thumbs up.

We have such a dry climate and eczema is prolific here with the pollution. I have tried every balm that this place has to offer (6 years of it) but nothing has come close to yours.

Susan Tobin

I have bought several tubs of ExeSkin Balm as I am prone to skin rashes due to allergies. I am using it around my eyes at the moment as the skin is very itchy due to hay fever and it really soothes the skin and stops the itching as it contains natural cortisone or at least it says it does. I am very very pleased with it and it has helped so much.

Carly C.

Love that ExeSkin Balm is natural and has really helped with my daughter’s eczema.

Vena Masood

ExeSkin Balm is a great product. The best I have used so far. Finally found something that actually works without any harsh ingredients. Very moisturizing. Does not clog pores. I put it on before going to sleep and in the morning my skin looks so healthy and super soft, any dry patches or flaky skin have gone. Defo does cure dry, eczema skin type. will be buying again!!!

Ryan Lincoln

ExeSkin Balm is amazing stuff. Had other creams prescribed by the doctor but nothing came close to this little jar of magic. 150% recommended by me.


I am glad to report that the ExeSkin Balm worked like a dream, easing discomfort and relieving itchiness. What an amazing product.


I have been given the ExeSkin Balm for my uncle who suffers terribly from psoriasis and I am glad to report that it has worked like a dream, easing discomfort and relieving itchiness. Try it, you can’t go wrong. 


I tried quite a few other natural products for my eczema before coming to ExeSkin Balm ExeSkin is so far the product that works the best.  Highly recommended! 


The ExeSkin Balm has done wonders for my 5yr old son.  My daughter and I also both use your products – will not use anything else – excellent range!! 


Hi, just want to let you know that I have been using the ExeSkin Balm for eczema and pigmentation caused by it.  I was sceptical in the beginning but it has worked beautifully. Have not used any cortisone creams in the last two months. Wished I had taken pics to show the before and after difference. Hoping to find a stockist soon before my last tub finishes. 


I am so happy with this product. My daughter has suffered severe eczema her whole life. She cannot go without a cortisone cream. We only used your ExeSkin Balm for one day now and already this morning she has felt a relief.  

I know it is soon to say but I am truly hoping this will be the answer to all our problems. So far so good. I got your cream from my mom who recently visited KZN. Thank you for a great product!

Dheepa Maharajh

I have been using ExeSkin Balm on my 3-year-old daughter for Eczema: in just 3 days I have noticed a dramatic improvement! Less itching, less darkening of her skin, and less thickening. I’m really amazed at how effective this product is and even happier that it is chemical free and safe for her. I am also a homoeopath and yoga instructor and will be sharing my experience with my colleagues. 

Charmaine V.D Berg

I am a Psoriasis sufferer I got it on my hands and under my feet, since 2015. I saw ExeSkin Balm at spar in Balito, was impressed after one use last night. I am working part-time and I struggle to walk at times coz feet are very painful.

Rob Goldblatt

I was under intense physical trauma due to itching Psoriasis and had been to doctors and skin specialists to help me. With little success, even cortisone-based creams did not seem to help. I was given a sample of ExeSkin Balm, and there is documented physical evidence that this product actually works. 

Tracy T

About a month ago I purchased a small tub of ExeSkin Balm for my husband at a little shop in Clarens whilst on holiday.

My husband has struggled with Psoriasis specifically on his hands for approximately 12 years. As a pharmacist, he has tried all remedies, creams, ointments etc.
He has been using your balm for about a month and what a remarkable difference in his skin! Thank you! The skin has healed beautifully, and the red inflammation has decreased dramatically.

I have always encouraged him to use natural products, but the pharmacist always raised an eyebrow. He now knows better!

Stephanie Lupton-Smith

On a recent visit to South Africa, December 2013 I came across a small bottle of your ExeSkin Balm

I found this by chance in the shop of a fuel station near Pietermaritzburg.  My husband being a sufferer of psoriasis, I am always on the lookout for products that would help, especially natural products.
Well, this product has been absolutely fantastic. He has been using it ever since and the psoriasis seems to be kept at bay.

Michelle Inman

Received my ExeSkin Balm today and have to say it smells lovely, can’t wait to try it later.


My 5-year-old son has eczema and the doctors have prescribed a lot of different things for him to use but non worked. A friend recommended ExeSkin Balm…I bought it and it worked for his eczema.

Jennifer Anne Rush

I first used ExeSkin when my 4-month-old was diagnosed with eczema. I tried all the prescription ointments but nothing cleared it. My mother-in-law spotted ExeSkin Balm in the shop and we tried it -3 days later and the eczema cleared up. 2 years later and it has only re-appeared once since.

I have since given the ExeSkin Balm to my uncle who suffers terribly from psoriasis and I am glad to report that it has worked like a dream, easing discomfort and relieving itchiness.

Dalien Lemmer

Thank you so much for your amazing ExeSkin Balm. My 2-year-olds very severe eczema started clearing up within 2 days. And she is practically eczema free at the moment. It is amazing! And believe me, I have tried a lot of other products!


Marilize Human

I have 2 sons with Eczema. The only product that helped was your ExeSkin Cream!


I have been suffering with Psoriasis of the skin for 25 years. I was on holiday bought ExeSkin Cream. It has done wonders to my skin thus far!


Fantastic ExeSkin Cream! And not just for eczema, it heals spots and burns-better than lavender oil!- and minor cuts. Would highly recommend it!


I struggle with extreme Eczema on my elbows and arms. After several tubes of different medication and doctors’ visits it just got worse day by day.  Last weekend I visited a shop and purchased the ExeSkin Cream.  I started using the product on Sunday and by today, Tuesday, I can see a huge difference.  The itchiness is much better and it’s starting to clearing up. 

Yanira S

Wonderful products! Bought the ExeSkin Cream while travelling in South Africa and the results have been phenomenal! I will order more of their products online.

The ExeSkin Cream resolved in days a rash that had not resolved in months with even medicated cream!
5 out of 5 stars!

L. Reed

I’ve only been using the ExeSkin Cream for a week but am already seeing the redness and itchiness fading.



Veronika Reissner

I bought the Waxy’s Face Balm which is brilliant; your prices are great, at last, a cream which is affordable and works.

Lorraine C

I can’t believe that there is a real, real miracle balm in the whole of RSA.

We were in the Drakensburg and I saw this Product that I never heard of before on one of the shelves and I thought, why not !! In three days time, I could see this enormous difference in my face.

I am sleeping with the Waxy’s Face Balm on my face every night and it is not necessary at all to wear any make-up on my face anymore.  This is amazing, absolutely AMAZING !!!!


Waxy’s has the best natural Face Cream ever.

Maxine (Booklover Catlady)

My first surprise with Waxy’s Face Balm was the consistency and texture, it’s more like a solid block, so when you take some off the top you are not taking off too much.

It has a gorgeous smell with a honey tint that is really pleasant. I used it on my face and backs of my hands and it did blend in fine after rubbing it gently into the skin.

My skin felt really nice, I am using it as a lip balm too as the texture is a bit similar.

This jar would last absolutely ages because of how little you need but the jury is still out for me as to how effective it is overall on my skin. Just be aware it’s a balm, like a lip balm texture NOT a cream or gel. Keen to give this a whirl over the next few weeks.

Gabriel L

As a person with acne who didn’t want to go through aggressive chemical treatments, Waxy’s heavenly-sent 100% natural Face Balm has been my saviour.

Very useful in protecting my skin from those nasty UV rays, but also gently dries the skin thanks to its Zinc Oxide, while its other ingredients nourish it, making those undesirable spots a thing of the past.

Mrs Book Pigon

I am so delighted to have discovered Waxy’s Face Balm. I’d been using beeswax creams for a while, but I think the mixture of beeswax and other oils in this Waxy’s cream makes it really special.

Superbly and very deeply moisturising, a little goes a really long way. I’m using on my heels, any patches of dry skin, my hands and my face. I love the way it makes my skin feel, and the biggest bonus (well apart from the fact it’s completely free from synthetic or artificial ingredients like colouring, preservatives, lanolin, or petroleum derivatives!) is the divine smell! I’m a sucker for anything with patchouli in.

Apart from the wonderful aroma, patchouli oil is used in traditional Asian medicine to treat skin and hair problems, like dermatitis, eczema, acne, and dry chapped skin. It also has wound healing and scar reducing properties, so is a great ingredient for a face balm.

Ultra Bee, please never stop making this, OK!

Devi Girran

Thank you the products are amazing. I used the Waxy’s Face Balm It worked so well. I am 51 yrs. and love my face thank u once again.


Waxy’s Face Balm – I bought this product at a shop in December and I am EXTREMELY impressed with the product. I would like to purchase more of this product, but there are no franchises shops in Rustenburg where I live or anywhere in the Northwest Province. How can I get hold of it, please…I am desperate.


Thank you, the products are amazing. I used Waxy’s Face Balm. It worked so well. I am 51 years old and love my face.  Thank u once again.


I like the Waxy’s Face Balm, my face is happy with it leaves my face moist and does not seem to dry it out like the bio-oil I was using.
I will be purchasing more before I run out.



Very good protection. Used your Waxy’s Face Block in the strong Brazilian sun. Obviously also with staying in the shade as much as possible. As it’s a little difficult to spread I first moisturized skin with another bee-sun protection, then applied block. Very happy to have found these products.

Lindsey Weir

I highly recommend Waxy’s Face Block. I used it and loved the result, truly the best sun block I have ever used. Just thankful I have a UK supplier.


I am so happy to have found the Waxy’s Face Block!! It is brilliant!! I have an Albano horse, who gets so sunburnt with the slightest amount of UV! I have tried ALL the overpriced “horse products” – no good.

This stuff, however, is Brilliant!!!!!! And yes I also put it on the top of my husband’s head!!

Oh and I do also use it on myself, a little goes a long way…(on a human that is)…. Yes, it is expensive compared to some other cheap stuff. But boy is this good. It thins slightly with body heat so apply some wait and gently rub it in. Others mix it, but I think that’s a waste & may affect its outstanding performance. It just takes a few minutes of patience and you are set for the day.

I think this product is magic!!! So, so pleased I found it 🙂 My horse even more so!



The Waxy’s Sun Cream is the only sun cream I use because it is extremely effective.  These are the only creams my children are able to use without getting rashes. 

Amanda Alexander

I am desperate to purchase some of your Waxy’s Sun Creams, and do not know where it is stocked in Johannesburg.  These are the only sun creams I use because they are extremely effective and these are the only sun creams my children are able to use without getting rashes.  I live in the Randburg, Sandton area and would appreciate a list of your nearest stockings.

Camilla Gyllström

My husband bought your Waxy’s Sun Cream last time he visited SA, and I just love it!

I have very sensitive skin and usually I get heavy outbreaks when I have used sunscreen on my face, but after a day with Waxy’s Sun Cream, my face is better than ever before!

So, naturally, I’m interested in where I can get hold of your products. Do you ship worldwide? I live in Sweden.


Miss J.

Waxy’s After Sun Cream is brilliant for sunburn. Stays on, cools and heals quickly.


What an amazing product, on holiday in Durban I purchased a chemical-based suntan lotion from a retail shop and applied it to my skin. Not even 10 minutes in the sun, my skin started to hive.

I was totally horrified and quickly looked for a pharmacy for some antihistamine but after 2 days I still had such a bad rash. I got so desperate that I started looking for Aloe plants to help the itchiness. 

On my way, back from Durbs I stopped at The Montrose Halfway stop next to Mug & Bean I discovered the Waxy’s After Sun Cream made from honey and thought maybe it will work.  As I was walking out of the shop I started applying the balm and after a few minutes, the itchiness started to go away.  The next day my rash was gone 😃😃 Wow!! Thank you so much. 


Angelique Van Rensburg

I love your products! The Waxy’s Lip Balm is the only balm that does not dry out my lips!


Bought the Waxy’s Lip Balm at the little shop at Drak Gardens. Worked like a bomb. Keen to try your other products.

Nishika Ramlakan

I am very reliant on Waxy’s Lip Balm to help me control cold sores during the winter months.


Floss Adams

Waxy’s Original Sunscreen is the only sunscreen that my son has ever not had a reaction to. I bought our bottle about 5 years ago when we were in South Africa visiting my family. I’ve tried so many other brands for sensitive skin and they all give him a terrible rash.



I have an online eco store and have used many natural products. I am so impressed with Waxy’s Sun Protector Balm. I have used it on my son since he was 3. He is now 5 and he has not had a sunburn in the last 2 years. I can definitely recommend it for your family.  


Beryl Weeks

I purchased the Waxy’s Face Balm and Bronzing Oil for myself, my gran and mom, just to try.

I love using natural products and what a pleasant surprise my skin is softer, what is nice is that no more sunburn, I burn easily in the sun and always busy in the garden on weekends and found I did not need to put on any extra sunblock.

I have spread the word to my friend and colleagues about this product. Thank you.




I am currently in Canada at the moment. I brought some of your product over for my husband, the Bee Sportif Super Glide, and he was so impressed with it.


I bought a tub of Bee Sportif Super Glide.  It works really well – better than any other product

I have been cycling for about 20 years now – In the past, I have used all of the commercially chamois creams available.  9 months ago I tried the Bee Sportif Super Glide – This is an amazing product that retains its performance properties through many hours in the saddle – It is by far the best “chamois cream”.  

It should be stocked in every cycle shop so that all cyclists can start to have a more pleasurable ride. 

Dominic Irvine

I’m an ultra-distance cyclist. I’ve used Bee Sportif Super Glide in non-stop rides up to 880 miles long and it’s quite simply the best anti-friction product I have used.

Amazon Customer

We have just got back from 12 days walking the Coast to Coast in the UK and used Bee Sportif Super Glide to help prevent blisters on our feet. It worked very well indeed. It certainly helped and I can vouch that it is both antiseptic and moisturises.

It is nice and greasy so you do not have to use much and when compared to other products is excellent value for money.

Lisa Buck

Bee Sportif Super Glide is amazing stuff – cannot recommend enough – complete lifesaver on a hot cycling holiday in France!


Did 70-mile bike ride with no discomfort thanks to Bee Sportif Super Glide.


Sunny 123

I have very knotty shoulders and I hoped your Bee Sportif Muscle Rub Balm would help when massaged in. It was easy to massage into the skin and felt warm when first applied but the effect seemed to wear off quite quickly. Having said that I did find it lovely to use on my calf muscles after a day cycling.

Johan vd Merwe

Who it may concern, I am using your Bee Sportif Muscle Rub Balm and need to get more, it is very good, my knee much better.




I have been using the Babee Bee Bum Balm on my daughter Arabella since birth and it is the best!

I just love that your products are all-natural as I use a variety of them. Your Bum Balm is also cloth nappy safe which is great, maybe another marketing route.

Anyway all the best with your great products I’ll keep using it and recommending it to all mums with babies:)

My Happy Baba thanks you too:)

Lisa Biscombe

I just wanted to let you know that we have tried out your Babee Bee Bum Balm on Mason, and have been so happy with the results.

Mason seldom gets nappy rash, he really only gets it when he gets very sick. The flu hit him a day after your products arrived and along with the flu came a really bad case of nappy rash – I mean bleeding little bum an all!

I am pleased to say after 2 days of applying your nappy rash balm with each nappy change the area was completely cleared up! Truly a great product!

Please tell me, are your products stocked in any stores in Cape Town? I will definitely be recommending this to all the mommies and mommies-to-be that I know.

Sia Rees

I love the Babee Bee Bum Balm and have used it for my son’s whole first year of his life. He has never had any nappy rashes 🙂 Thank you!

Tanya Seymour

I use the Babee Bee Bum Balm every day for my first child and it worked perfectly with cloth nappies and just in general. I also bought it as a present for every new mom because I considered it a necessity and couldn’t go without it!


Suzette Oosthuizen

Out of desperation, I bought one of your Babee Bee Tissue Oil over the weekend for my baby.

And WOW I am truly amazed, I have spent over a thousand rand the past month on products to try and counter my little one’s eczema and after spending R70 at Klein Kariba on your product I have found the perfect solution.

Even my father-in-law who has a severe problem skin is raving about the product. Thank you for an amazing product.

Jenny Gangabisson

Babee Bee Tissue Oil is a great product I used it for my baby as he had cradle cap, it removed every bit now he has a soft scalp, amazing product thanks guys keep up the good work and keep on making these products.



I first used Babee Bee when my 4-month-old was diagnosed with eczema. I tried all the prescription ointments, but nothing cleared it. 

My mother-in-law spotted the Babee Bee ExeSkin Balm in the shop and we tried it …  3 days later and the eczema cleared up.  


Jenny Gangabisson

Just want to let u guys know that I’ve tried a few of the Babee Bee products, and they are amazing.

I’ve used the Bum Balm, Tissue Oil and Body Lotion … they work well on my baby’s skin, thank you for making these amazing products.


Hi.  You have been dealing with my husband regarding our order.  I’ve been meaning to email for ages to let you know how utterly impressed I am with your amazing products. 

I rave about the Babee Bee Bum Balm to every mom I know. My girls have NEVER had a nappy rash, even whilst teething and I give complete credit your product. 

I’ve only just discovered the Body Wash, bathed to girls once, and asked Justin to order as much as he could – it’s that good! 


Thanks so much for the excellent service! How I’m stocked up with my favourite facial products.

Colleen Anderson

I assure you that it is a pleasure doing business with Ultra Bee…your products are fantastic!!

Wanda Ferreira

I saw you product in our Chemist …Yippy !! I tried out a few of the products and It is the best ever.

Shelley-Dee Duffield

Fantastic products.

This really has been a great help to my granny Mac, she swears by the Bee Sportif Muscle Rub. I have started using the Waxy’s Face Balm and it feels incredible … oh and divine Waxy’s Lip Balm!

I will definitely be using more of these brands, thank you so much for the fantastic service and help with all my enquiries.

Marlize Engelbrecht

I rarely deal with companies where the service is just as excellent as the products!


I stumbled upon your products whilst on holiday in Dullstroom over December. I have used your products on very dry and chapped feet, on my lips and on my face. The results have been phenomenal. 

I even had my boyfriend ask me what I was using on my face as it looked ‘plump and youthful’. I need no more motivation than that to keep using it. I am so happy to find out that the Spar in Broadacres stocks your range. I will be paying them a visit shortly to stock up. 

Thank you for amazing brands at very affordable prices. I’m a customer for life. 

I have Stevens-Johnson syndrome – a rare, serious disorder of the skin. It was triggered by medication. My symptoms were severe – a skin rash all over my body and then blisters. Once these blisters burst, the skin died and shed. This happened four times over my whole body, within 3 weeks.


My skin is now sensitive, permanently damaged and I have scars. I do not use any chemicals, internally or externally and am never exposed to UV.

I have been using Ultra Bee Brands for 2 years now. My skin is definitely not as sensitive.


If I develop a rash there’s a balm for it. If my skin is dry because of the weather there’s a cream for it. My lips are always moist because there’s a lip balm for them too. I don’t have cracked heels and even use a face balm.  Although I am terribly scarred I treat my skin with the tissue oil and am convinced my scars are becoming lighter.


I have intolerances to several ingredients and have been searching for over 20 years to find a product range which I can use. I am now using 7 Ultra Bee products and loving them all.

Colleen Theakstone

We were on holiday in Drakensberg when we came across your products.  I have had for ages such itchy arms so bought the Propolis Care Propolis Balm, well it is amazing, thank you so much for this product.

I also bought the Waxy’s Face Balm which is brilliant; I am 66 so I need that extra nourishment and it certainly is keeping my skin moist. I have used so many products, all costing me a fortune which I cannot afford as we are pensioners, your prices are great, at last a cream which is affordable and works.


I’ve been using your products, and mine is almost finished. It is amazing and so wonderful for my skin.  

I have dry skin and since I’ve used your products it is much better and my skin looks and feels younger. 


These amazing products work within days. We use loads of tubs along with many other brilliant products that help the desperate souls with awful skin conditions that we take in from the streets. 


My entire family uses Ultra Bee now and I will never look back. Besides the fact that it is ALL natural, it is really a product of very high quality. 


I have been using Ultra Bee Brand’s for some time now, I used it on my heels first, then I got a different application and have used it on my face as well as my skin – I am very pleased with my findings.

It may be my imagination but I think my skin is looking good. It feels good! Looking on the website I had no idea there were so many brands.

I actually really only want to use Ultra Bee Brands for my skin, and look forward to trying more of these products. 


 I found the Waxy’s Face Balm at Scrumpy Jack’s in the Drakensberg and thought that I should try the product. 

I’ve not been able to use any creams or moisturisers on my face because of an eye problem (since 1997) – everything makes my eyes weep.

Well – this was the best product ever as it doesn’t affect my eyes and also cured a bit of very dry hard pigmentation which I have on my skin.

I’ve introduced many friends to your product and they all LOVE it! I also bought the Ultra Bee Dubbin for my leather shoes, handbags and jackets (living at the South Coast one needs a good Dubbin to keep one’s leather in good shape) – it is the best Dubbin ever!! Love your products, keep the stockist fully stocked.

Everybody should use your products. Wonderful stuff, thank you!!!!! 

Cheryl Sherwell

I am favourably impressed with both your Naked Belief Face Balm and Waxy’s Face Balm and would very much like a larger version of them for body moisturising.  


In all ways, your company and product are first class! 

Charley Abel

Got a lovely selection of products to try!

The Tissue Oil is my favourite so far! So easy to apply and smells lovely! I’m using it for the stretch marks on my stomach as I’ve recently lost a lot of weight. The Face Balm is also nice and light on the skin and didn’t irritate me at all. I have always had sensitive skin and can’t fault anything with all of these products!


I wish I had known about Ultra Bee whilst in hospital, as I am convinced it would have been a soothing alternative to the aqueous creams they used. 


I bought some of your products and very happy to report that I can see the effect on my son.   

Christine Parkinson

I found the Waxy’s Face Balm at an outlet in the Drakensberg and thought that I should try the product.

I’ve not been able to use any creams or moisturisers on my face because of an eye problem (since 1997) – everything makes my eyes weep. Well – this was the best product ever as it doesn’t affect my eyes and also cured a bit of very dry hard pigmentation which I have on my skin. I’ve introduced many friends to your product and they all LOVE it!

I also bought the Ultra Bee Dubbin for my leather shoes, handbags and jackets (living at the South Coast one needs a good Dubbin to keep one’s leather in good shape) – it is the best Dubbin ever!! Love your products, keep the stockist fully stocked. Everybody should use your products. Wonderful stuff, thank you !!!!!


I have been using Ultra Bee products for a few years now for myself and on my dogs! Extremely effective products! 


I have used the Pet Balm to treat various ailments and the results are amazing. When in the UK last year I left my bottle with my daughter’s landlady to help treat her dogs itchy skin. It was amazing at how quickly the redness started to clear. Thank you, Ultra Bee. 


Amazing stuff – cannot recommend enough!  


From chemical to natural…  It’s being nothing short of a miracle.  


Great value for natural products, which I love. Thank you. 

David Mx Brown

Thank you. Received and super happy with everything you sent. Your products are clearly genuine, and they work! 

Sheradene Naiker

The price point is honestly so good! Because one of the worst aspects of changing to all-natural products is being able to afford them.


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