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Ultra Bee Propolis Balm
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Tissue Oil

My mother bought your pigmentation balm for her face. Her face is now perfect. All the marks have gone. Your product works very well!

Great news!!! We are establishing that our customer base is gaga over the Pigmentation creamed balm. We have been open for only three days and already we have run out. Please could I order more.

Your Tissue oil is probably the most beautiful and fresh smelling fragrance of any facial product I have ever used.

I just called A Piece of Art and they have the Ultra Bee Tissue Oil in stock which I will purchase tomorrow! LOVE the product – I purchased it for the first time when we were camping at the ATKV’s resort in January – in Bergville – so I am really happy to have found you…

I’ve been using the Age-Defying Balm for 2 weeks and what a difference – my skin is looking young and radiant. I will continue using these products they are worth your money.



I bought the Anti-Aging Balm which is brilliant; your prices are great, at last a cream which is affordable and works.

I struggled with eczema for a long time, since I discovered eczema balm I never looked back – thank you so much will definitely try all your products.


V.D Berg

I am a psoriasis sufferer I got it on hands and under my feet,since 2015.
I saw your product at spar in Balito ,was impressed after one use last night. I am working part time and I struggle to walk at times coz feet are very painful.



I am almost 70 years of age and had cracked and sometimes bleeding heels for the last 30 years. I have tried anything and everything but nothing helped until I discovered Ultra Bee All in one Balm. I have used it for 2 month and my heels are as soft as a baby bottom. Thanks for a great product.

I am glad to report that the Eczema Balm worked like a dream, easing discomfort and relieving itchiness. What an amazing product.

I used the All in One Healing Balm product. I couldn’t believe it, within 2 days the sore had healed. I have to say an excellent product. I was pretty much amazed.

I used the ‘All in One’ treatment balm and it worked 100%, I can recommend this product to anybody.

write client comments here as feedback

write client comments here as feedback

write client comments here as feedback

write client comments here as feedback

I have intolerances to several ingredients and have been searching for over 20 years to find a product range which I can use. I am now using 7 Ultra Bee products and loving them all.


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