Surfers Rash

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Surfers rash has always been an unavoidable part of surfing. Starting off as an irritating skin abrasion, surf rash appears when your skin is exposed to salt water.
As the skin becomes softened by the salt water, it becomes irritated due to repeated friction against your wetsuit, clothing, or surfboard.

Repetitive motions like paddling or repeatedly getting up and laying down on the board can cause these abrasions to worsen. Skipping the proper protection and care, these mild abrasions can develop into bleeding, open sores.

Preventing Surf Rash

For years surfers have used rash guards and or petroleum jelly to prevent surf rash, but these solutions come with some drawbacks:

* Petroleum jelly, while it’s ok at stopping a rash from forming, tends to rub off easily which can turn your board into a slip and slide, and the petroleum can eat away and degrade some wetsuits.
* Rash guards are great but really only help on the upper body.


Bee Sportif Super Glide can help protect and prevent surf rash, helps relieve the pain and itchy feeling of a current rash.

Our Super Glide is water-resistant and won’t make your board slippery and being a natural product, your wetsuit won’t degrade.

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