Super Glide (Formerly Cyclist’s Butt Balm)




  • Helps to eliminate rashes and chafing generated by seat pressure
  • Reduces inflammation and acts as a natural anti-septic and anti-fungal, keeping the affected area sterile






Super Glide contains natural Cera Alba (Beeswax) containing; Bee Pollen Extract, Propolis Extract and Honey, Hydrogenated Avocado (Butter) Oil and Helianthus Annus (Sunflower) Seed Oil as carrier oils. Calendula Officinalis (Calendula) Flower Extract is the essential oil.

Ultra Bee products are free from lanolin, petroleum, aqueous cream, chemicals, colourant, perfumes or preservatives. Colour and consistency may vary.

Ultra Bee™ Super Glide is a nourishing and rehydrating balm which forms a long-lasting natural lubricant and aids with hydration, whilst soothing the skin. It is hydrophobic, therefore eliminates perspiration related rashes caused by garments.

Dissolve a small amount of product between fingers and apply liberally onto all areas requiring lubrication. Can be used to soothe irritation.

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Weight 0.109 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 4.8 cm


  1. Wendy

    I am currently in Canada at the moment. I brought some of your product over for my husband, Cyclist Butt Balm, and he was so impressed with it

  2. Bogsnorkeller

    Did 70 mile bike ride with no discomfort.

  3. Lisa Buck

    Amazing stuff – cannot recommend enough – complete lifesaver on a hot cycling holiday in France!

  4. Amazon Customer

    We have just got back from 12 days walking the Coast to Coast in the UK and used Cyclist Butt Balm to help prevent blisters on our feet. It worked very well indeed. It certainly helped and I can vouch that it is both antiseptic and moisturises.

    It is nice and greasy so you do not have to use much and when compared to other products is excellent value for money.

  5. Dominic Irvine

    I’m an ultra-distance cyclist. I’ve used this in non-stop rides up to 880 miles long and it’s quite simply the best anti friction product I have used. Best applied directly to the skin rather than on the chamois pad. It is a small pot but you don’t need a huge amount per application. I find one application will last for in excess of 12 hours easily. In volume terms it is expensive compared to other brands but as you need far less of it, I think it is value for the money. It has no noticeable odour, It has the texture of paste. The warmer the product the easier it is to apply. This review was written having got to the end of the first pot, i.e. well and truly tested.

  6. Adrian Raw

    I bought a tub off you when you were promoting the product at a cycle shop in Gateway some time ago. It works really well – better than any other products. I need more – Where can I go to purchase? I have been cycling for about 20 years now – In the past I have used all of the commercially chamois creams available, until about 9 months ago when I tried the Ultra Bee Cyclist Butt Balm – This is an amazing product that retains its performance properties through many hours in the saddle – It is by far the best “chamois cream” and should be stocked in every cycle shop so that all cyclists can start to have a more pleasurable ride.

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