Eczema vs Psoriasis – Which One Do I Have?

Nothing is worse than severe eczema, or chronic psoriasis that will not go away!

Eczema and psoriasis are easily confused because they share a defining characteristic – the inflammation of the skin. Neither are contagious but both can lead to infection if left untreated.

People with these ailments may experience depression or find that they limit their daily activities attempting to hide these conditions.


The difference between the two conditions and what can be done about them.


Most people with Eczema develop the condition during childhood (roughly 80% of cases of eczema begin before the age of 5).  You may also have an increased likelihood of developing eczema because of genes.

If one or both parents have the condition, it’s highly likely that the child will develop eczema as well. A person may go for quite some time without any symptoms, then experience flare up’s sporadical.

Eczema is characterised by the following symptoms: –

  • Red, hot, dry, cracked, and itchy skin that may develop into crusty sores
  • Thick skin, with pimple-like eruptions
  • The skin may crust over and ooze, or it may become so dry and cracked that bleeding occurs
  • Excessive itching
  • Dark coloured patches on the skin
  • Eczema favours sensitive areas like the backs of knees, between the fingers and the inside of elbows.

Factors known to trigger eczema episodes, or worsen existing eczema: –

  • Environmental factors such as bacterial exposure or exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals, soaps, shampoos, and detergents.
  • Allergens such as animal dander, food allergies, house dust, mould, and pollen
  • Food allergies
  • Certain fabrics worn on the skin such as wool and synthetic fabrics
  • Family history
  • Hormonal changes – a lot of women find that their symptoms flare up just before their period begins
  • Weather change i.e. dry or dusty weather, or if you are too hot or too cold
  • Stress


Psoriasis typically originates in adulthood. Psoriasis is a condition that occurs when a person’s immune system triggers skin cells to grow faster than they usually should. Instead of the dead skin cells shedding off the skin, they build up.

There are a variety of forms of psoriasis, the most prevalent of which is Plaque Psoriasis. The slightly elevated, red patches of skin associated with psoriasis are known as plaques.  Psoriasis is often also linked to genetics.

Psoriasis is characterised by the following symptoms: –

  • Red, itchy, scaly patches of dry skin.
  • Often starts out as small bumps which worsen and may later be covered in white scales
  • Swollen and stiff joints
  • Skin scaling is common – when the white scales begin to slough off
  • This condition is caused or exacerbated by internal health issues (there is a link between Psoriasis and Diabetes)
  • Psoriasis prefers tougher skin, such as that on the knees and elbows

Factors known to trigger Psoriasis episodes, or worsen existing Psoriasis: –

  • Cold weather, especially cold, dry conditions
  • Excess alcohol consumption
  • Smoking and heavy alcohol consumption
  • Stress
  • Diet such as too much red meat and gluten
  • Trauma to the skin like a cut, bite or scrape
  • Infections such as strep throat or infections of the skin
  • Household cleaning, bathing, and cosmetic products with strong chemical/fragrances
  • Taking certain medications e.g. Lithium and high blood pressure medicines

Ways to make sure you keep your eczema and psoriasis under control.

Reasons why you should try and avoid cortisone!

Hydrocortisone (hydrocortisone) Cream is a topical (for the skin) steroid often used to treat inflammation of the skin caused by a number of conditions such as eczema, or psoriasis.

However, common side effects of Hydrocortisone Cream may include: –

  • Skin redness/burning/itching/peeling,
  • Thinning of your skin,
  • Blistering skin,
  • Stretch marks,
  • Nausea,
  • Heartburn,
  • Headache,
  • Dizziness,
  • Menstrual period changes,
  • Trouble sleeping (insomnia),
  • Increased sweating
  • AcneFluid build-up in the legs
  • Increase in blood pressure
  • Bone damage and thinning
  • Cushing’s syndrome: although rare, symptoms include rapid weight gain, skin thinning and mood changes.
  • Infants born to mothers who have been using this medication for extended periods may have hormone problems
  • Children can absorb larger amounts of this medicine through the skin and may be more likely to have side effects
  • In some cases, the topical steroid gets through the skin and into the bloodstream, which is primarily a concern in children who are on strong doses, as this can affect their growth.

Your skin is a barrier designed to keep bacteria and infections out. Most synthetic medications cannot penetrate deep into the skin; to efficiently deliver the active ingredients where they are needed the most. They merely sit on the surface, being rubbed off by clothing and everyday living.

Steps a person can take to treat eczema include: –

  • Avoiding harsh soaps and highly fragranced products
  • Refraining from taking long, hot baths or showers
  • Applying emollient on your skin to calm itchy areas
  • Applying cool, wet compresses to the skin to avoid scratching
  • Using light therapy
  • Take steps to reduce stress
  • Avoiding extremely hot temperatures as sweat can worsen symptoms

Steps a person can take to treat psoriasis include: –

  • Avoid cold, dry air and harsh temperatures
  • Keep the skin clean and moisturised
  • Avoiding harsh soaps and artificial fragrances
  • Prescription treatments include oral medicines that change the body’s immune response or reduce inflammation.

How ExeSkin can help

All ExeSkin products are rich in healing properties which are formulated to assist with both eczema and psoriasis. We then add various oils, including tea tree oil (anti-inflammatory, antiseptic properties), propolis extract (anti-bacterial, antioxidant) and natural beeswax (Vitamin A for cell reconstruction, intense hydration).  This makes these products gentle, yet highly effective in calming the symptoms of both these debilitating ailments.

Being a natural based product, it is immediately absorbed deeply into the skin, delivering phenomenal results.

ExeSkin balms, creams and washes deliver: –

  • Strong anti-inflammatory properties to help lessen irritation, calm inflammation and alleviate redness, irritation and swelling
  • Anti-bacterial properties to keep the skin sterile, thereby reducing the chance of the infection spreading
  • Relief for itching, pain, and discomfort immediately
  • Accelerated wound healing time
  • A protective barrier between skin and environment, whilst holding in moisture and reducing dryness, without clogging pores
  • Skin reconstruction, due to Vitamin A content within the beeswax
  • Promotes hydration of the skin
  • Antioxidant properties protect the skin from free radicals


A few testimonies from our happy customers

“I am a psoriasis sufferer.  I have had it on my hands and under my feet since 2015.
I tried your product and was impressed after just one use.
Thank you for this product. I have tried everything else and nothing worked.”

“Wonderful products! Bought the hair food and the ExeSkin cream while travelling in South Africa and the results have been phenomenal!  The ExeSkin cream resolved in days a rash that had not resolved in months, even with medicated cream! 5 out of 5 stars!”

“Baby ExeSkin – AMAZING stuff. I have had other creams prescribed by the doctor, but nothing came close to this little jar of magic. 150% recommended by me.”

 “I have been given your Balm for my uncle who suffers terribly from Psoriasis.  I am glad to report that it has worked like a dream, easing discomfort and relieving itchiness. Try it, you can’t go wrong.”

“I was under intense physical trauma due to itching Psoriasis and had been to many doctors and skin specialists to help me – with little success.  Even cortisone-based creams did not seem to help. I was given a sample ExeSkin Balm and have documented physical evidence that this product actually works.”

Please let us know about your experiences with either Eczema or Psoriasis in the comment box below. We would love to try and find a solution for you.


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