Top 6 Outdoor Essentials for Summer

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Summer time in SA is always upbeat. Whether you spend your weekends strolling down our beautiful promenade, enjoying a picnic at one of our gorgeous national parks, adventuring into small rustic towns, or simply taking a hike. There will always be something to do, or some place to go. With kids, family, friends and pets and constantly being outdoors, things can get a bit hectic. We’ll offer our top 6 outdoor essentials for surviving summer.

Outdoor essentials 1: Stock up on bug repellent

A lot of summer adventures involve tons of cool hikes and exploring your backyard where the kids are now free to run, roam and get as crazy as they’d like! With that comes more exposure to annoying little critters such as ticks and bugs which may bite or sting you. To stay protected, you can apply a mozzie crayon to the kids’ legs and arms.  An all-natural product, our mozzie crayon contains our natural bee base, with added lavender. A formula which can provide protection from ticks, biting flies, stables, flies, gnats and more. The formula has a light scent that you apply directly on to the skin and you’re good with up 12 hours of protection! We also have an adult-equivalent, which contains citronella and is suitable for use on both pregnant and breastfeeding women. This is due to the fact that we have used ZERO chemicals in this product. You can get our mozzie stick and mozzie crayon by clicking here.

Outdoor essentials 2: Protect yourself from the sun

Being outdoors daily means that you and your kids are constantly exposed to the merciless heat of the sun. If you don’t already how know how damaging the sun can be to your skin, you can read more about it here. It is important to load up on protective gear such as sunglasses, hats and long-sleeve clothing. You should also be applying sunscreen religiously. We have a range of sun products suitable for every need. We have a really effective Sunscreen SPF35, Sun Cream SPF15 and Baby Sunscreen that contains Zinc Oxide that makes it spread super easily and evenly! It is super lightweight on your face and you can apply it without having a thick and greasy finish. Not only that, it works to deflect the sun’s harmful rays, providing ample coverage.  For the ultimate protection, we have Face block, Sun Stick and Baby Sun Crayon with 50% Zinc Oxide for maximum sun protection.

Outdoor essentials 3: Bronze it up!

If you’re as pale as paper and want to work on your tan while spending minimal time in the sun, why not make use of our Bronzing Oil? It is rich in natural goodness, with coconut, avocado and sunflower oils. Not only will you look like a glistening goddess in the sun, these rich ingredients will maximise moisture and hydration, leaving your skin supple and glowing.

Outdoor essentials 4: Stock up on after-sun care

No sun care products are 100% effective, especially if you are spending the entire day in the scorching heat. Other factors, such as not applying your sunscreen after swimming or towel drying, may make the protection less-effective. This is why it is important to have an after-sun product on hand. Our after sun comes in three lovely fragrances:

Natural, for the fuss-free & minimalist individual

Cinnamon & Orange, with a unique spicy scent

Neroli, which contains notes of citrus and honey

These are delectable creamed balms which will nourish sun-damaged skin, prevent peeling and sooth the sting of burns.

Outdoor essentials 5: Get aqua protection

If you spend most of your summer days in the ocean, at the poolside or even at your nearest dam, you should be using a product to protect your delicate skin from all those nasty chemicals, salt water & bacteria which can dry out your skin and cause harm. This is why we created aqua block– it is uniquely formulated to form a water-tight barrier between your skin and the water. This helps to protect your skin while swimming from chemicals, bacteria, salt water, and water-borne bacteria.

Outdoor essentials 6: Stay hydrated

We all know that the heat in Summer, especially in our hot African climate can be brutal. Spending time outdoors during this excessive heat puts you at risk for a host of issues such as heat stroke, dehydration and heat rash. This is why it is important for you to stay hydrated by getting your daily dose of H2O. Our bodies need at least 2-3 litres of water per day in order to remain healthy and function normally.

Wherever you are this summer, ensure that you make the most of the beautiful weather while it lasts, but also remember to stay safe, and protect yourself from the critters, the sun and any other bacteria that may be lurking by following our summer essentials guide listed above.


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