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Propolis is known as ‘bee glue’ and is produced by honey bees from resins or plants. Bees chew this resin, mixing it with their own pollen, bees wax and other secretions to make a sticky glue which is used to line the entrance and interior of the hive, to repair cracks and protect the bees from infections. Propolis tincture is propolis extract with added ethanol, which is suitable to aid in the relief and healing time of various ailments. Propolis is one of the few natural remedies that has maintained its popularity over time and has been dubbed “Russian penicillin” due to its strong antiseptic properties. It has been trusted since before the development of penicillin and colloidal silver. The pharmacologically active molecules in the propolis are flavonoids and phenolic acids which have multiple effects on bacteria, fungi and viruses. In addition, propolis and its components have anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory activities.

Get rid of colds and flu

Propolis tincture is excellent for getting rid of bacterial and viral infections and aids in the relief of symptoms associated with colds and flu, such as sore throat, congestion, coughing and sneezing. Simply mix 40 drops of propolis tincture in approximately 30ml of water and drink the mixture at least 4 times a day until the infection disappears. It is an excellent alternative to chemical-based antibiotics, which may lead to bacteria resistance and a weakened immune system over time.

Improve oral health

Ditch the traditional mouth washes that do more harm than good, and mix 30-40 drops of propolis tincture with a little bit of water for a natural mouth wash, which will help to reduce any inflammation, and may aid in reducing symptoms associated with gum disease, reduce the risk of cavities, soothe toothaches, stop bleeding gums and stop the growth of bacterial plaque.

Dry out acne

Propolis tincture may also be applied topically to the skin by putting a few drops on a ball of cotton wool and applying it on the affected area. The ethanol in the tincture helps to dry out the acne, while the propolis extract ensures that the area is kept sterile, due its antibacterial properties, which will prevent the acne from reoccurring.

Disinfect your cuts & wounds

Put a few drops of tincture on a cotton ball, then dab it directly on to the affected area to sanitise open cuts and wounds and prevent any infections from developing due to its natural antibacterial properties. This method is best used in conjunction with our propolis balm, which is applied topically directly on to the affected area which will speed up the healing time of your wound and help to minimise the scarring associated with such wounds.

Fight ear infections

You can relief the pain and symptoms associated with ear infections such as pus and inflammation, simply by putting 1-5 drops of propolis tincture directly into the ear canal. This can be done once or twice daily until the infection subsides.

Improve your immune system

You don’t have to be sick to take propolis tincture. You can drink it daily simply to improve the health of your overall immune system and is a better alternative to ingesting immune boosting tablets with questionable ingredients. The benefits of drinking tincture as part of your daily routine are immense: It will not only build a stronger immune system, although it has not yet been clinically proven, it has also been found to lower blood pressure and the risk of obtaining certain illnesses such as cancer and liver disease. It will provide protection from viral infections, something which normal antibiotics will not do. Another benefit of ingesting propolis daily is that pathogens will not build up a resistance to it, as with normal anti-biotics.

Fight chest infections

Propolis tincture is effective at combatting both viral and bacterial chest infections, such as bronchitis and pneumonia due to its natural anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Simply ingest the tincture orally, mixed with water at least 4 times a day until the infection subsides for a simple home remedy which does not break the bank.

Combat bone disease

Scientists recently investigated whether Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester, a very powerful compound found in propolis, could halt or reverse osteolytic bone diseases. They discovered that this compound was very effective at suppressing the inflammatory compounds that cause bone diseases and even suggested propolis might be a potential treatment for bone wasting diseases like osteoporosis. Propolis’ natural anti-inflammatory properties may help to soothe arthritis and alleviate join pain and is an excellent alternative to traditional muscle rubs. A few drops of tincture can be put into body lotion and massaged into the affected areas. It can also be applied directly on to a cotton ball and massaged on to the affected areas at least twice a day. It can also be ingested orally as a preventative measure if your family has a history of bone disease.

Get through allergy season

An amazing health benefit of propolis is its ability to calm the symptoms of seasonal allergies. Propolis has been found to significantly inhibited histamine release from mast cells. Histamine is the compound that makes you sneeze, gives you watery eyes and a runny nose. Anti-histamines are the main allergy drugs sold over the counter. Propolis tincture can provide the same relief as over the counter medicines. Simply put 40 drops into 30ml of water and drink the mixture between 1-3 times daily until the symptoms subside.

Get healthy nails

Another amazing benefit of propolis is its ability to fight off nasty fungal infections most commonly found in finger and toenails. It may reduce and ultimately completely banish symptoms such as discoloration, thickened nails and fungal infections with regular use. Simply apply the tincture on to a cotton ball and dab it on to the affected area until the infection subsides.

Treat ulcers

Apthous ulcers, more commonly known as canker sores, can be excruciatingly painful and cause a stinging sensation which make daily activities such as talking and eating difficult. It is unknown what causes these pesky ulcers, but some nutritionists claim that it may be caused by a vitamin deficiency. There is no conventional cure and medicines may only be prescribed to lessen the symptoms. Propolis has high levels of antioxidant flavonoids, which give it anti-microbial properties. The natural anti-inflammatory and anaesthetic properties of propolis help to minimise inflammation and pain associated with ulcers, and will reduce the chances of reinfection. The propolis tincture can be diluted in water and used as a mouth wash at least 3 times a day until the symptoms subside.

Improve vaginal health

By now, you are well aware of the natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties associated with propolis, which makes it an excellent alternative to over-the-counter medications for treating vaginal infections such as candida, bacterial vaginosis and thrush. Propolis will work to prevent bacterial overgrowth and restore balance. It also helps to kill fungal infections and prevent further growth. Simply dilute the tincture in 30ml of water and drink the mixture at least twice a day until the infection subsides. This can be used in conjunction with our all in one healing balm which can be applied topically directly to the outer vaginal area as necessary. The tincture may also be used as a preventative measure by simply drinking the mixture at least once daily.

Lower blood pressure

Nitric oxide is a very important substance for healthy hearts. The inner lining of your blood vessels uses nitric oxide to signal the surrounding smooth muscles to relax, thus resulting in vasodilation (the widening of blood vessels) and increased blood flow. Reduction in the bioavailability of nitric oxide plays a significant role in the development of high blood pressure. Without it, you’d have a heart attack. There is an enzyme called Tyrosine hydroxylase (or TH for short) that limits that amount of nitric oxide you can produce. Propolis aids in decreasing the amount of TH in the body and in turn, lowers blood pressure. Simply drink the tincture 1-2 times daily until blood pressure decreases.

Stop fungal growth

Propolis works to effectively suppress the growth of fungal infections and prevents them from spreading. Propolis tincture, in combination with our other products, can effectively minimise and ultimately completely banish skin irritations such as athletes foot and ringworm. Ingesting the tincture with water, as well as applying our athletes foot balm or the ringworm balm, may speed up the healing process and minimise chances of reinfection.

Get rid of warts

It was reported in the International Journal of Dermatology in November of 2009, scientists found that propolis shows strong activity against warts.

In a single-blind, randomised, 3-months trial, 135 patients with different types of warts received oral propolis, echinacea, or a placebo.

When patients with common warts treated with propolis, a cure was achieved in 75% and 73% of patients, respectively. These results were significantly better than those associated with echinacea treatment or placebo, making it a viable option to over the counter medications. Simply apply the tincture topically and combine with our propolis balm for best results.

General uses

Propolis is an amazing natural substance which can be used to treat pretty much anything. From blood clots, bowel disease, crohn’s disease, vein dilation, psoriasis, eye infection and HIV and immune boosting, to low blood pressure, leukaemia, liver protection, various types of cancer, bone disease, lung infections, skin inflammation, thyroid disease, tuberculosis and viral infections. The good news is that all Ultra Bee products contain this powerful ingredient as part of our natural base and you are able to experience the healing effects of propolis for yourself today.

Although it is considered safe to use, propolis may cause a reaction in people who are allergic to bees or pollen, so it is recommended to do a patch test on a small area before use. It’s also unlikely that propolis will cause any interference with any medications you are currently using, but you should still discuss this with your doctor as a precaution.

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