Diaper Rash

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What is diaper rash?

Diaper rash is a generalized term to indicate any form of skin irritation that develops in the diaper covered area. While there are several categories that may cause diaper rash, contact irritation is usually the culprit. While diaper rash is generally associated with babies and toddlers, any individual wearing a diaper may suffer from this condition.

Is diaper rash a sign of neglectful care?

No, not at all. Parents usually feel that the rash is a visual representation of poor caretaking skills. However, parents need to understand the basic causes and signs for this common skin condition to prevent any secondary skin conditions that can develop into an infection and form sores around this area. While the rash may develop as early as the first week of life, the most frequent time period is between 9-12 months of age. Studies have indicated that, at any point in time, between 7%-35% of children in this age range are experiencing such a skin rash.

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What causes diaper rash?

The two main culprits for diaper rash are “irritation” of the skin or “contact” to the skin. Skin involvement may vary from a slight redness to erosion and peeling of the top skin layer. Skin infection, yeast and fungal can also play a big role in the cause of a diaper rash. Generally these types of infections tend to result from a disruption to the natural defence mechanism of the skin.
Another form of diaper rash is an allergic reaction to the diaper itself, wipes or the bum cream used. This is a less common factor that contributes to a rash. If the diagnosis of allergic skin reaction is suspect, skin-patch testing may be done to identify the offending agent. This is rarely necessary.
In addition to the common place causes of diaper rash, there are also a few very unusual causes of this problem. Unusual infections, metabolic and nutritional deficiency states, and immunodeficiency states and malignancies can all be implicated. Unfortunately, child abuse (hot-water immersion, extreme neglect to infant hygiene) can also feature a diaper rash.

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What are diaper rash symptoms and signs?

A diaper rash is a change in the skin enclosed by a child’s diaper. Most commonly, the involved skin is red and may or may not have erosion of the superficial skin layers. Pustules or small blisters may be present. If the irritated skin is sensitive, diaper changing may be mildly uncomfortable to the child.
What treatments are recommended for diaper rash?
The best treatment for diaper rash is avoidance of the precipitating agents which led to the contact irritation and to regions becoming secondarily infected by skin bacteria or yeast. Frequent diaper changes limit stool and urine exposure to the area remain the foundation for prevention and management of diaper dermatitis. Should a rash develop, simple cleansing with water and soft cloths tends to be less irritating to the injured skin than disposable wipes, make sure the area is dry and apply Ultra Bee’s Baby Bum Creamed Balm.
Our Baby Bum Creamed Balm Heals and soothes diaper rash. It acts as a natural barrier between the skin and the irritant. The balm also provides lasting moisture and protection with anti-bacterial properties and is gentle enough for everyday use.

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