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Honey, Beeswax and propolis will never go off.

Beeswax contains a natural, powerful protective substance called propolis, which prevents beeswax from ever going bad. Made by the bees by combining tree resin with wax flakes and pollen, propolis is used to fix and strengthen the beehive, while protecting the hive with an antiseptic barrier – the name propolis comes from the Greek meaning “defence of the city.” These protective qualities are so effective that unspoilt beeswax has even been found in ancient tombs. That said, it is possible for commercial or home made beeswax products, which also include other ingredients, to go bad.

With so many beneficial properties, beeswax is a healthy and harmless alternative to everyday products like lip balm, sunscreen, body wash, etc. Meanwhile, its antibacterial and antifungal properties keep bacteria and germs at bay, while the fact that its all-natural and non toxic, mean that unlike chemical-filled plastics, it’s safe to have close to you. Many people even use beeswax to seal fresh cheeses for ageing – you can’t get much closer than that!

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