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A professor of environmental microbiology, Dr. Gerba explained what’s really on camp terrain’s shower floors since, frankly, it isn’t just water that’s swirling down the drain.
All sort of things like sweat and skin cells are definitely in the mix, and some people (though we hope not many) urinate in the shower as well, whether by accidentally or on purpose.

Along with that mix, there are various strains of mould, algae and fungi that either grow in moist environments, or are carried there on people’s bare feet.

Also, consider many people coming in from the outdoors wear their shoes right into the showers before taking them off.
You can only assume that outdoor contaminants are making their way onto the shower floors. Those contaminants might include dog faeces, bird faeces, human sputum, pesticides, E. coli bacteria, coliform bacteria, ringworm, and we could go on with the list.

True, the floors on a camp terrain are cleaned with strong detergents that eliminate most germs—but how frequently and thoroughly they are cleaned can vary greatly from establishment to establishment.

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