Bluebottle and their sting

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We all love long lazy days at the beach, tanning swimming and surfing. There is, however, one little sea creature that can turn your happy beach outing into misery and tears – the infamous blue bottle or “blou blasie”.

Blue bottles can be identified by a small translucent blue bubble (“bottle”) attached to some rather long, thin tentacles. Blue bottles can be found all along the coast of South Africa.

When someone is stung by a Bluebottle:
• Try to calm the victim down – which will be very difficult because the sting is extremely painful.
• Immediately rinse the affected area with sea water. Never rinse with fresh water – it causes the tentacles to release more toxins!
• Try to remove the tentacles. Cover your hands, because the tentacles will also sting your bare hands. If you have nothing to cover your hands with, try this old life-saver trick: Put some sea sand on the tentacles and gently rub the tentacles off with the sand. Be gentle, this will be painful!
• Use our Bluebottle Balm from our Natural Outdoor Range to help relieve the pain. It also reduces inflammation and acts as a natural anti-septic and anti-bacterial soothing balm.


• Apply vinegar to a bluebottle sting – it increases the amount of toxins released.
• Never rinse with fresh water as this causes the tentacles to release more toxins.

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