Yes! You will receive a 15% discount off the retail price for your personal orders as long as you are an active member of our programme.

The short answer is no. A pyramid scheme is fraudulent activity, whereby no real product is sold and money is made solely from sign up fees or “investments”. You must constantly sign up new members and if you don’t, you will not make any money. When no new individuals can be recruited, the scheme fails and most of the people within the scheme will lose their money, except the few individuals at the top.

In contrast, multi-level marketing is a marketing strategy which is 100% legal. We have undertaken this strategy to empower the individuals that have supported us. Ultra Bee is a registered private company which has been in operation for over 5 years with an extensive known and trusted product line. This is a legitimate programme whereby you will sign up as an independent distributer and who will distribute our goods directly to the market. You will be compensated for your personal sales as well as the personal sales of your downline through commission. Unlike a pyramid scheme, where only a few individuals at the top will benefit, in our programme, you will start at the top of your own business and it is up to you how big or small you want it to be.

An affiliate code is your key to unlocking our programme. You will receive a code, unique to you when you sign up. This code will be input when you sign up other members for our programme, and will allow us to link them to you and your team. It will also help us to keep track of your commission earned through their sales. It will also be input when you refer customers to our website and they make a purchase, to track your commission, as well as to assign the customer to you, so that you receive commission for all future orders that they will place.

In summary, your affiliate code ensures that:

-Your team members are linked to you, allowing us to keep track of your commission earned on their sales

-Your customers are linked to you forever, which prevents others from poaching them from you. It also ensures that you earn commission on their future orders

No. As long as your customer inputs your affiliate code when making their purchase, they are assigned to you for life, which prevents other members of the programme poaching your customers.

It is completely free to join the programme if you already use Ultra Bee products. If you do not currently use our products, you will have to buy a recommended start up pack, which includes a collection of our most popular products. These products can be used as testers for your prospective customers or for yourself, to get a feel for the products and their effectiveness.

It is completely up to you how much you want to earn and how quickly you reach your goal. It all depends on the amount of time and effort you put in. You won’t be making a 5-6 figure salary at level 1 selling to your own customers, which is why it is imperative to constantly grow your network and increase your salary.

Click on “My Account”, there is a fourth tab on the orange navigation bar (Marketing) and select “Affiliate links.” Scroll down and you will find your default Affiliate Link. Herewith is the Link.

You can also click on the “How To” tab on the Orange Navigation Bar for a step-by-step to find this.

You can copy and paste your default Affiliate link, as well as also being able to download the QR code on the right-hand side of the Affiliate link.

No, an affiliate link will not be sent to you. Refer to the above answer where to find your link.

Once they use your link they will be linked to you for all future purchases as long as they use the same device they purchased from previously (eg if they placed their first order from their phone using your link then they need to use their phone for all future purchases)

Yes, as long as they click on your affiliate link or scan your QR code when signing up on the website.

This is not a reselling programme, like the “Avon” buy and resell program. This program requires you to influencing people to use our product by telling your network about the efficacy and your personal experience of the range. When your network clicks on your affiliate link to view our website, you will earn commission from every order they ever place. Once you have reached a minimum of R500 commission we will pay this directly into your bank account as long as you are an active member and place a minimum order of R500 every 3 months.

Your child can sign up under you, however, they need to sign up from a different device as your IP is associated with your account.

Log on to

Click on “Account Login”

Select “SPP Member Login”

Enter your login details

Scroll Down to the Orange Tab

Select “Marketing”

Select “Affiliate links”

Copy and paste your Referral URL

In order for someone to sign up under you, they need to click on your URL Link

Please do not sign anyone up under you using your computer or device that you signed yourself up on, as the system will not capture them under you.

Please follow these steps below and also refer to the “How To” tab in the Orange Navigation Bar.

How to find who made purchases using my Affiliate link and QR Code

Go to

Account Login

SPP Member Login

Enter username and password

Scroll Down to the orange Tab

Click on “Referrals”

Scroll Down

Rewards and Commission can be tracked here.

Click on view under Source Details and you will be able to see who using your affiliate link

You can also change the date range

Any Referrals signed up under you or a customer who just wants to buy our products will enable you to receive 20% commission at level 1. You will achieve an additional 8% commission from your sign-ups children once you are at level 2. etc, earning additional commission at each level in the program.

Yes, you will receive 20% commission from their purchases

Commission will be paid out directly into your bank account on the 15th of the following month once you have reached a minimum of R500 due to you, but as per our T&C’s you need to be an active member in order for us to pay this commission.

We look at commission due on the 1st of each month till the end of each month. If your commission is under R500 it will be carried over until you reach the minimum of R500 and as long as you are an active member.

Your child cannot sign up anyone under them as they are a reseller which is outside the SPP. They can only resell products directly to their network of friends and family.

Your child will receive 25% discount off the Retail Price for online orders and 20% discount for any manual orders sent to the office directly.

Yes, they need to spend a minimum of R2000 on all their orders placed to qualify for the 25% discount.


Yes, you can, we do have a flyer which you can have printed and you can hand out.

100%, this is your best platform to gain traction amongst your network. We supply marketing material for you to use in adverts if you wish to help grow your customer list.

Yes, you can, but it is more user friendly to send your Affiliate Link as your network can simply click on the link instead of having to try scan the QR Code.

We do have marketing material that you can use. However, you cannot use our logo or use Ultra Bee in your Social Media pages.

You cannot use our logo or use the name Ultra Bee in the name of your Social Media Pages – as per our T & C’s – “ Accept that you cannot use the Ultra Bee name, logos, product guide and other marketing material unless written permission is provided.” The Distributor Badge is available for you to use.

The Distributor Badge is for you to use as your profile picture on Social Media page, just make sure you add “Distributor of Ultra Bee” in your title.

There is only one version of the Distributor Badge. However, you can use these banners in your marketing

Login to your affiliate account

Scroll down and select “Marketing”

Select “Banners”

Choose the banner you wish to use

Yes you can send the electronic product guide to your customer but we recommend sending them your affiliate link so they can browse the website and if they place an order successfully you will receive 20% commission.

Please click on the link below to find all the product guide.

Please read how to create a Campaign for a specific product under the “How To” section.

The main drive behind the programme is not for you to buy and sell products personally, but to sign up new people under your account.

This way you earn 20% commission from whatever they buy through their account, instead of you trying to physically buy and sell individual products.

You do need to spend a minimum of R500 every 3 months in order to keep your account active and should you have any commission of R500 or above this will be paid out to you as long as you are an active member.

No, the discount you receive on the SPP Programme is for your own personal purchases. 20% commission is earned on your sign-ups purchases. If they have signed up correctly under your affiliate link, every time they purchase from our website whether it be an SPP Partner &/or customer you will receive 20% Commission. Reoccurring commission of 10% can be achieved on orders placed by retail shops you have signed up.

We do not have sample sizes. You can however purchase the product as Testers. This is what the bestseller packs are for.

Yes, you can as long as they click on your affiliate link when signing up. They will get 40% discount off the retail price if they place their order via the website, should they do their order manually and send it to the office they will only receive 35% discount.

You will receive 10% commission if they sign up under you and successfully place an order.

Yes, there is. They need to place a minimum order of R3000 to qualify for the discount as well as buy in 6’s or canisters, as specified.

There is no specific Best Seller pack that is targeted for facials, but the most suitable pack would be The All Round Best Seller pack. You can use our Face Creams and Face Balms during the day or at night. We do however recommend the Hydrating face cream for the day as it isn’t too heavy. The age-defying or pigmentation cream at night as they are a heavy balm and take longer to absorb. The antiaging balm is heavy should still be used during the day due to the natural SPF protection.

You can use the Propolis Hand & Body Wash as a face wash.

The Propolis Tincture works great for a toner

Then you can use any of the moisturising products, if you have sensitive skin you can use the All in One Healing Balm as a moisturiser.

For any really bad breakouts, you can use the Propolis Balm as an added measure.

The Eczema Balm is the concentrated version of the two. The balm has a higher wax content, which makes the product more solid and is oilier when getting applied. The cream has added aloe ferox water, which turns it into a softer cream that gets absorbed into the skin quicker than the balm. Aloe ferox water is also an active agent which helps with Eczema symptoms.

We suggest using the two in conjunction, as the balm is 100% concentrated formula, but the cream applies easier. Use the balm at night after you had a bath to give it time to completely absorb into your skin. Use the cream during the day as it absorbs faster when you are in work clothes.

Remember that if you are taking Cortisone you will need to stop it for 2 weeks before you use the Eczema Cream or the Eczema Balm as it has an adverse effect with the Cortisone.

Yes, it does. The Carrot Seed Oil that offers Sun Protection. Patchouli is for the fine lines.

We would suggest the Pigmentation Creamed Balm which would help in removing the marks and Tissue Oil Lotion to rehydrate the skin.

We do not believe in SPF as it only measures UVB and not UVA. The Equivalent amount of Zinc Oxide would give you an SPF 15.

Our products all last for 2 years. Please note that the best sun care is to minimise sun exposure and no sun cream/sunscreen can eliminate the sun 100%

Our products do not contain any of the ingredients that you mentioned, as stated on our website.

Tissue Oil Lotion for your skin and then either the Eczema Balm or the All in One Healing Balm for your hands.

The Percentage of Zinc Oxide is 50% The Zinc Oxide is the ingredient which blocks the UV rays away from your skin.