Yes! You will receive a 15% discount off the retail price for your personal orders as long as you are an active member of our programme.

You will earn money through commission from your sales. At level one, you only receive your 20% commission from your sales to direct customers. This means that we will sell you products at a discounted price, which you will sell to your customers at retail price. The difference between these two amounts will be your commission earned.
You will not receive any commission from your downline at this level. At higher levels you will receive commission from your downline’s sales, as well as their downline. The commission will vary between 20-40% depending on each level.

The short answer is no. A pyramid scheme is fraudulent activity, whereby no real product is sold and money is made solely from sign up fees or “investments”. You must constantly sign up new members and if you don’t, you will not make any money. When no new individuals can be recruited, the scheme fails and most of the people within the scheme will lose their money, except the few individuals at the top.

In contrast, multi-level marketing is a marketing strategy which is 100% legal. We have undertaken this strategy to empower the individuals that have supported us. Ultra Bee is a registered private company which has been in operation for over 5 years with an extensive known and trusted product line. This is a legitimate programme whereby you will sign up as an independent distributer and who will distribute our goods directly to the market. You will be compensated for your personal sales as well as the personal sales of your downline through commission. Unlike a pyramid scheme, where only a few individuals at the top will benefit, in our programme, you will start at the top of your own business and it is up to you how big or small you want it to be.

An affiliate code is your key to unlocking our programme. You will receive a code, unique to you when you sign up. This code will be input when you sign up other members for our programme, and will allow us to link them to you and your team. It will also help us to keep track of your commission earned through their sales. It will also be input when you refer customers to our website and they make a purchase, to track your commission, as well as to assign the customer to you, so that you receive commission for all future orders that they will place.

In summary, your affiliate code ensures that:

-Your team members are linked to you, allowing us to keep track of your commission earned on their sales

-Your customers are linked to you forever, which prevents others from poaching them from you. It also ensures that you earn commission on their future orders

No. As long as your customer inputs your affiliate code when making their purchase, they are assigned to you for life, which prevents other members of the programme poaching your customers.

It is completely free to join the programme if you already use Ultra Bee products. If you do not currently use our products, you will have to buy a recommended start up pack, which includes a collection of our most popular products. These products can be used as testers for your prospective customers or for yourself, to get a feel for the products and their effectiveness.

It is completely up to you how much you want to earn and how quickly you reach your goal. It all depends on the amount of time and effort you put in. You won’t be making a 5-6 figure salary at level 1 selling to your own customers, which is why it is imperative to constantly grow your network and increase your salary.