Stretchmarks. Causes, Implications & Your Health

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What are the causes of stretchmarks?

The sudden stretching of skin can cause a band of parallel scars or disfigured legions, commonly known as stretchmarks.  Cortisol, which is a stress hormone developed in the adrenal glands, converts to cortisone and is responsible for the loss of elasticity in the skin. This creates a tear in the dermis, which reveals the lower layers of skin. The purple or pink ‘tiger stripes’ eventually fade to a silvery or glossy colour, due to the sudden visibility of pale fat beneath the skin (Carey 2017).

Stretchmarks are most common in pregnant women, during adolescent growth spurts, during rapid weight gain or due to certain chronic diseases such as Marfan syndrome and Cushing’s syndrome (Carey 2017).

What implications does stretchmark have on your health?

Stretchmarks will have no physical long-term effect on your health. Although stretchmarks are extremely common, many experience issues with self-image or anxiety resulting from the cosmetic appearance of stretchmarks (Scott 2019). It can affect day to day living where individuals may feel self-conscious, especially in the hot summer months around the pools or beaches. This can hinder a person in seemingly normal enjoyable activities.

What does stretchmarks say about your health?

According to Nichols (2018):

There are certain vitamins and minerals essential for the development of heathy skin, namely Vitamin A, C, Zinc and Silicon. If a person lacks a balanced diet including these necessities it may result in the increase chance of developing stretchmarks.

A balanced, sustainable diet would also avoid the health risks associated with ‘yoyo’ dieting or being of an unhealthy weight. One of the side effects of unhealthy eating habits are stretchmarks.

The lack of water affects the skin barriers tremendously. Ensure the frequent intake of water daily, to reduce the chance of developing stretchmarks.

If there are no obvious sign for the origin of the stretchmarks, that is, pregnancy, sudden weight gain or an adolescent growth spurt, there could be an underlying issue such as a chronic disease; and it is advisable to see a doctor. Marfan syndrome causes the decrease of elasticity in the skin, whereas Cushing’s syndrome causes fragile, delicate skin and a hormonal imbalance resulting in rapid weight gain.

How to deal with stretchmarks

The healing period of stretchmarks can be reduced significantly with Ultra Bee’s Stretchmark Creamed Balm. This product is enriched with high levels of vitamin E, which are high in antioxidants for minimising cell damage, as well as vitamin A, critical for cell repair. The additional ingredients of jojoba and rosehip oil, nourish and rehydrate the thirsty skin, leaving it scrumptiously soft and supple.

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I never review, but I can’t help myself this time. Over the course of 2018 I gained a whopping 25kgs after getting my first office job. I developed streaky purple stretch Mark’s because of it and felt hopeless and like I’d ruined my body.

This year I began focusing on my health and decided to find a nature-based balm to maybe help my stretch marks, but I was cynical. Okes after 2 months my stretch marked have faded significantly and the purple is nearly gone.

I don’t know about other products in this range but the creamed balm for stretch marks is a frigging amazing product. 10/10 would recommend.


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