A Natural Age Defying Secret to Delay Wrinkles and Signs of Ageing

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We all struggle with the inevitable threat of your body clock ‘tick-tocking’ away at the back of your mind as we age. This brings with it the dreaded truth being revealed on how we have treated our skin through our lifetime. You can’t hide your face, so you would obviously want to take care of it. There are many factors which contribute to the story your skin tells as you age: heredity factors play a role but also, sun exposure, smoking, lifestyle, pollution, loss of fatty tissue, etc.

The signs of ageing will eventually catch up with everyone. We believe it’s never too early to start applying the correct products to your skin to help slow down this process. Once you spot the first signs of wrinkles, loss of elasticity or dark spots, your days of dewy young skin are becoming a distant memory.

Anti-ageing products make up a huge part of the skincare market. The mind boggles with all the market has to offer when it comes to making a choice!

Case studies have shown that women can on average put 168 chemicals on their body through their skincare regimen daily. This has to the possibility of causing all sorts of adverse long-term effects on both the recipient of these chemicals, as well as our environment.

So why not keep it natural?

We have just the product to give you all the goodness nature supplies, which we have combined with chosen essential oils, to help stop the ageing process in its tracks.

Ultra Bee Age Defying Creamed Balm offers all the benefits to rival any ‘top brand’ on the market, together with the knowledge that it: won’t irritate the skin; is fragrance-free; preservative-free; chemical-free and will not impact the environment in any negative form.

Ultra Bee Age Defying Creamed Balm moisturises and rejuvenates the skin, restoring elasticity, whilst repairing skin cells. It aids in keeping pores clear, lightening dark circles under the eyes and smoothing fine lines.

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