5 Nasty Ingredients to Avoid When Buying Beauty Products

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Recent data gathered, has confirmed that approximately 24% of people using facial skincare products look for products with natural and/or organic ingredients. A further 22% also look for products free from certain ingredients, such as parabens or fragrances.

Natural beauty used to be a prestigious, niche market, available to only a few but now we’re seeing the trend passing over into the mass market as well.
Here are five ingredients you want to avoid in your pursuit of sustainable beauty.

1. Phthalates

Used to make vinyl flooring, as well as plastic more pliable. Found in aftershave lotions, soaps, shampoos and perfumes. Linked to causing early menopause, can damage the liver, kidneys, lungs, and reproductive system.


2. Parabens

A preservative used in your favourite personal care products. Known to be an endocrine (hormone) disruptors, which has the potential to raise breast cancer risk and interfere in male reproductive activity.


3. Sulfates

Essentially a detergent that may irritate your eyes, skin, mouth, lungs, as well as dry out the skin. A known carcinogen (a substance capable of causing cancer). Used in most commercial soaps and shampoos to create a satisfying lather.

4. Formaldehyde

Found in plywood, fiberboard, glues and adhesives. Often used as a preservative in shampoos, soaps and other beauty products. Classified as a human carcinogen (capable of causing cancer).

5. Chemical Fragrances

Some consumers find that the chemicals used to perfume many commercial products irritate their skin causing either sensitivity or an allergic reaction. Many users are now preferring a natural alternative, rather than smelling nice at a cost.


Become a more increasingly savvy shopper when purchasing your beauty products. Consumers now have a lot more power to drive change and feel like they’re doing something good for their health, as well as their family’s health.

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