Ultra Bee and its brands are a family-run business situated in Durban North, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Originally the company took its identity on as a distributor of health products under the Ultra Health name. Our brand recognition came from our Ultra Bee range, thus we were more closely associated with the Ultra Bee brand than any of the other products.

As of 2020, the company stepped away from the Ultra Health distribution strategy and focused its core competencies on subdividing Ultra Bee into 6 standalone brands, which target different customer lifestyle segments. We focused our branding towards communicating and telling a story to our local (but also becoming a largely international) market.


To be an ethical provider of natural products to the discerning consumer.

This is what motivated us to develop the Ultra Bee™ Skincare Brands!

The ongoing manufacture & distribution of Ultra Bee™ Brands has become our core business.

It’s a product that puts our mission into action!


To work with suppliers and customers with similar value systems…

This will be mentored through the accreditation process.

supplying consistent, reliable 100% natural technology through products that WORK…

The product must clearly state what it does and truly deliver on that function.

never compromising on our reliability, quality or ethics!

Reaching a discerning target market is critical… but upholding these values takes precedence.