Mother Nature Knows Best

Propolis is the new buzzword (excuse the pun!) floating around the health and wellness community, and rightfully so.

Immune health is currently one of the consumers’ main concerns. With the medical/pharmaceutical industry being the 2nd most profitable in the world you can easily be swept up by the companies claims stating you need to use multiple products in order to obtain optimum health.

If only there was a miracle ingredient that could do it all … oh wait – there is!

Often called ‘natures penicillin’ and with over 200 active phytochemicals, propolis is a complex, highly active, antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent.

The great thing is propolis works with your body’s natural immune defence’s (and not against!), helping you resist those microbial invaders.


Propolis Care is a viable alternative to mainstream pharmaceuticals. Heal & protect you and your family’s body naturally through bee remedies.

The proof is in the name:

Propolis: a natural substance made from resin that seeps out of a tree’s bark or buds. The bees gather this up and mix it with beeswax and excretions (such as spit), creating a ‘bee glue’. The propolis is then used to line the hive to create sterile cells for the upcoming brood (baby bees). It is also used to seal the hive off, protecting it from outside threats.

Care: propolis is as old as honey, and it has been used to medically treat & care for humans. The use has been said to date back to Aristotle times (350BC), Ancient Egypt used it in their mummification processes and the ancient Greeks and Assyrians used it for its wound and tumour healing abilities.

Features & Benefits Snapshot

Natural Protection

Natural antibiotic, antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, & anti-inflammatory agent. Keeps affected area sterile, hydrated and protected.

Enriched with Propolis

Excellent healing properties to reduce healing time of wounds, bruises, infections & bites/stings. Antioxidants remove free radicals.

Immune Boosting

When ingested propolis assists with allergies, arthritis, bone healing, burns, candida, cold/- flu, glucose regulation, dental plaque & caries, ringworm, thrush & ulcers. Found to act against metastasis, liver damage, high blood pressure & cholesterol.

No Nasties

No harsh chemicals or carcinogens. Alternative to medicinal treatments. Gentle on problematic skin.

Why It Works

From our miracle tincture drops to our multi-purpose honey balm – this brand helps you tackle a bunch of health issues such as:

Immune Health, Allergies, Arthritis, Bone Healing, Burns, Gum Health, Diabetic Sore/Pressure Sores, Candida, Chest/Throat/Cold Infections, Cold Sores, Heals Wounds, Gut Health, Clogging of Arteries, Tumour Formation, Metastasis, Liver Damage, High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol, Inflammation, Glucose Regulation, Ulcers, Ringworm, Thyroid Disease, Fertility Problems such as Endometriosis, etc.

Healing Through Bee Remedies

And as with every brand at Ultra Bee, Propolis Care doesn’t contain any nasties such as lanolin, petroleum, aqueous cream, chemicals, colourants, perfumes or preservatives, so you can rest assured your skin is receiving only the best ingredients.


Take inspiration from Mother Nature – heal your family as she would.