Our ranges have become standalone brands!


Please rest assured that the products themselves have not changed, just the branding and packaging.

Thank you for your understanding!


Naked Belief is a naturally kind beauty brand containing specialist ingredients known to rejuvenate and restore, whilst pampering yourself.

Propolis Care is a viable alternative to mainstream pharmaceuticals. Heal & protect you and your family’s body naturally through bee remedies.

ExeSkin is the natural choice to treat, nourish and repair itchy skin conditions without the use of cortisone. When it comes to Eczema, Psoriasis, and fungal skin ailments – we’ve got you covered!

Waxy’s Original is an old school physical barrier choice to naturally protect, rejuvenate and repair free radicals. Have fun in the sun whilst being skin & ocean kind!

Bee Sportif offers an emollient barrier to protect & soothe your skin & muscles from the rigours of exercise. Be naturally active!

Babee Bee is a trustworthy natural choice specifically formulated to offer gentle, confident care for your little one’s skin.


Not only do we cater to a full spectrum of skincare needs, we also offer PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES!

Do you want to use our products, share it with family and friends, and develop a profitable digital team through our unique programme?

You can become a part of Ultra Bee’s vision to supply ethical and truly effective natural products to discerning users.

Our Brands have an all-natural base, plus ingredients known to






I have intolerances to several ingredients and have been searching for over 20 years to find a product range that I can use. I am now using 7 Ultra Bee products and loving them all!

Valerie Ferrier Smith

Absolutely wonderful. My skin has never felt so good, Friends have commented and asked what I’m using. I’ve always had problems and have tried just about everything, If only I had heard about you sooner. Well done on a sincerely great product.


Van Heerden

In all ways, your company and product are first class! 

Ryan Lincoln

Amazing stuff. Had other creams prescribed by the doctor but nothing came close to this little jar of magic. 150% recommended by me!


The best product ever. Forget the expensive skincare anti-ageing products, this product improved my skin texture after daily use for the last 3 weeks. I apply my makeup over this product as well and it is fantastic. I am in my 50’s.


My entire family uses Ultra Bee now and I will never look back. Besides the fact that it is ALL natural, it is really a product of very high quality. 


I have tried almost every product on the market here in SA and the UK for stretchmarks.  I used your Tissue Oil for 3 weeks.  They are almost gone, unbelievable! This is MY MIRACLE PRODUCT!